Eureka School Board Election: Final Unofficial Election Night Report…”Ask Again Later”

LISA OLLIVIER               2,995 50.46%
JOHN FULLERTON        2,915 49.12%



80 votes differential.  Yes, your vote does matter.


So far Lisa has overcome a 150 vote differential in mail-in ballots with a 237 vote differential in a much smaller population of people who went to the polls.  There were 4,484 (76%) mail-in ballots and 1,451(24%) voting-booth ballots.

John is winning the mail-in ballot total by over 3% and Lisa has won the much less popular booth vote by just under 16%. (so far in the unofficial tally)

Just looked at 2012’s Eureka City Council contested race between Linda Atkins and Joe Bonino.  The total number of votes increased dramatically from the Unofficial Election Night Report to the Final (Official) Election Results(from 7,753 to 9,392).

There were increases in both mail in ballots and voting-booth ballots.  However there were significantly more mail-in ballots added to the final tally.  (increases of 28% to 6%  respectively).  So, if past is prologue, there will be more mail-in ballots to process.  As these are close but are favoring John, the 80 vote differential might narrow or end up in John’s favor yet.

However, and this may be the partisan talking, but … liberals are notoriously less organized than conservatives.  If I had to bet on it, I’d say the late- mailing voters would favor Lisa.

Final analysis – it’s looking pretty good for Lisa from this corner of the internet.

As democraticMother is known to say … “We’ll see”.


2 thoughts on “Eureka School Board Election: Final Unofficial Election Night Report…”Ask Again Later”

  1. pamsistrom says:

    Cant figure out how to post comments here. I’ve tried four times. Email or call me, please. You’re my favorite blogger!

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