Eureka School Board – Unofficial First Report … Close! AHHHH!

From Humboldt County Registrar

LISA OLLIVIER         2,158       48.32%
JOHN FULLERTON  2,308       51.68%

It hurts, I wish I made more calls.  Continued good luck wishes Lisa and team.

UPDATE:  Linda Atkins was also down by exactly 150 votes in the first report of her 2012 reelection.  *crosses fingers*


3 thoughts on “Eureka School Board – Unofficial First Report … Close! AHHHH!

    1. John – thank you for comment. I’ve argued with her people, with my people. Our people are wary of the internets right now. We don’t believe it’s a forum for responsible discussion at this point – and if a responsible forum can be established the other argument is very few people read it so it isn’t worth any risk. I happen to disagree with them btw and I think we all know the internet is the future – just not yet apparently. But you were stand up (if a little pushy) and did make yourself available to questions – even if not all of them were answered. I appreciate your foray into the internet “bogs” as Supervisor Bass has described them (us).

      John, I have some questions about the low-ball political tactics that you heard about at the end of the campaign. I really want to find out what happened and hope you will work with me to do so. I don’t know if you have confirmed if someone one on side of the spectrum or the other WAS starting rumors – either the rumors themselves or the rumor that someone was planting rumors, but I hope you will help me to back-tract those.

      Good luck to you John and Lisa too.

      OMG. I just looked. WOW. I’m sorry John. I am….but…. HOLY TOLEDO we did it. Well, apparently you can win without the internets. 80 votes John out of 5,935! That is razor thin and is a credit to both sides.

      John, Thank you for your service, honestly. In the end, believe it or not, I don’t like partisanship either. But we do have an adversarial political system and it has a great deal of advantages and also disadvantages. Again, thank you for your service, and congratulations to you and your wonderful family for a challenging campaign and your multiple years of hard work and service to the community and Eureka City Schools.

      1. I obviously didn’t wipe the sleep from my eyes before writing this. A little premature. Luckily I noticed the “unofficial” before making the main post. I still have some cred left … yes? no?

        So back to my 3rd to last paragraph – Good luck to both of you.

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