More Coverage of the General Plan Update Guiding Principles

Ryan Burns has been burning the midnight oil this week.  Besides the interesting and informative cover story inside look at Dan Johnson’s life from Dan Johnson’s perspective, he had at least two significant pieces on the Guiding Principles (GP).  Thank you Julie Timmons for cluing me into the second one which I missed.  And thank you Ryan Burns for keeping an eye on this.  Of course the detractors paint Ryan’s paper as part of the local liberal media, but it’s really not.  Reality does have a liberal bias (imho) and Ryan does an important job (ie he is actually paid for this – which is so important) of reporting what often is the boring reality of life that does not attract as much attention as a criminal’s mugshot (LoCO, TS I’m looking at you!) (But again TS, thanks for Wednesdays informative and important article.)

Disputed Principles

The County’s Guiding Principles in Time-Lapse


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