BOS to Guiding Principles: “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Principles”

Well, the BOS has decided planning is best done in private,  Both private meaning behind closed doors and private meaning private industry.  Here are my first thoughts on a comment on Sohum Parlance if you are interested.  This little Democrat will not be voting to endorse Supervisor Bass this June.  Actually I don’t have a vote, but if I did I wouldn’t.  I don’t know if she will be beatable, most people I talk to say no.  Supervisor Sundberg just became much more beatable imho.  See you in June.  (We have more time to plan for Supervisor Bohn’s and Fennell’s race)

And don’t forget to honor a landowner today!  They deserve it even if the BOS voted to remove that language.  We can’t expect them to be too honest.  Although I will give props to Supervisor Fennell who stood up for the phrase honoring landowners to the last.  Kudos Supervisor Fennell.

(Sarcasm is hard to get across on the internets.  My tongue was firmly between my cheeks on that last paragraph.)


10 thoughts on “BOS to Guiding Principles: “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Principles”

  1. Jim White says:

    Except for periodic bursts of energy from lone liberals like Cobb, Salzman or Glass, little will change in this county (nor has it ever) unless the democrats start focusing their resources beyond monthly meetings, and 2 annual fundraisers.

    Until there’s a serious canvass in Eureka to educate and register the 70% of eligible voters that abstain, this will never change and a tiny minority from the logging industry, and now the development community, easily fill the political vacuum with their candidates.


    The moment the HCDCC incorporates a few stalwart democratic values into their own guiding principles, the republicans sitting on the HCDCC will drop-off like tics.

    1. You get it Jim. I hope you have time to be involved. This situation will change.

      We have to be smart and improve our ground game. What ever happened to precinct captains for example? We have to do this under the aegis of progressives, with support from Dems if we can convince them. I think we have to build a progressive infrastructure separate from the Dems as that body is vulnerable to people who like to play games with words, political organizations, all in the name of winning. (Usually the winning happens to involve them)

  2. Jane says:

    Just posted on Parlance.

    The big view: The Supes need to do their job. They do not need to do the job of local developers or large investment groups. Humboldt County has one long lasting capital asset to manage which is the environment. To allow the concerns of the environment to be overrun by developers or anyone else is a failure to protect that asset’s ability to produce for future generations. THAT is their job.

    So if the SUPES undermine through the use of guiding principles the maintenance and regard for the primary asset which drives tourism, increases the quality of living, makes this region special when compared with other areas, and can produce sustainable value for a natural resource based economy then the SUPES get a big fail on financial responsibility if they sell out to Development. IMHO They should be recalled or minimally replaced in the next election round. Businesses who support this mentality should be boycotted at election time. A list of the SUPES supporters should be published early as they begin to raise campaign funds.

    Jobs are not just short term things driven by big box retailers and home developers. Jobs are produced by maintaining your assets over time in a prudent manner to produce long term stability. Developers with little regulation have little reason to delay profit taking and consuming our community assets so that they will be less profitable in the future to everyone.

  3. Jane says:

    Jon I will volunteer my time to help organize for the next year election round. I also have ideas on very credible and establish community citizens who will consider running if the SUPES fail to listen to reason on the GPU principles.

    1. I’m so glad to hear both of those things Jane. The first step is to find and encourage candidates. Hopefully we can do this as a group as we need to find one that is qualified, and has whatever it takes to win. I have been making the rounds and the usual suspects, real Dems (“real” to steal an adjective from Marian Brady) progressives (Salzman), and unions (Frahm). Consensus was that Supervisor Bass was beatable. I’m going to hope yesterday changed this. Everyone also seems to think Sundberg is beatable so we just need to find a candidate there too.
      I was told by a Dem who knows that Supervisor Bass would have probably gotten the Dem nomination. Her votes yesterday probably changed this. This isn’t a Humboldt culture war or personal issue but matter of a black and white Democratic Party value – smart growth and belief in government. She dropped the ball. Same is of course true for Supervisor Fennell, I’m not sure there was any hope of getting the endorsement in her case.

      1. Jim White says:

        I’ve watched local elections for 40 years and phenomenal candidates like Cheryl Seidner go down in flames because each campaign makes the same mistake…they fail to use the county’s voter list to register the eligible voters that are NOT on it! They fail to reach out and educate these households on the importance of electing a specific candidate and passing a specific ballot measure.

        The republican party will never do this because they historically suffer under larger turnouts.

        individuals like me who stubbornly volunteer to canvass for candidates are increasingly frustrated by the number of homes we must foolishly walk past.

        This is the vast majority of potential voters.

        After decades watching highly-average, developer-backed candidates treat elections like a Right-of-Passage, good opposition candidates are wary of the compromises required to appeal to 30% of eligible voters.

        1. Door to door is going to make or break us assuming we get good candidates. I’m curious to hear more. Why don’t we get the county lists? Is it too labor intensive and we are focusing limited resources?

          Of course, the Republicans don’t believe in the goo-goo syndrom “elections never have been won by a majority of the people and they never will. Our leverage in election’s quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

          Paul Weyrich

          That’s from memory now thanks to Thom Hartmann’s show

  4. Jim White says:

    The top state and federal democratic committees could easily fund effective voter registration drives every year, and this should be demanded by the rank and file democrats. If the HCDCC needs to downsize their HQ, so be it. What I’ve been told by the few top honchos I’ve spoken with in Sacramento is that they’re waiting until the economy does the registering for them, i.e., they don’t trust the unwashed masses any more than the republicans, especially in a relatively stable economy, (for those that count). New registrants might be inclined to vote Independent or Green because the democratic party hasn’t effectively reached out in decades.

    During the Cheryl Seidner campaign only 2 members of the HCDCC, out of 6 total volunteers ever showed up to canvass.

    Just a few thousand additional registrations, with 1or 2 thousand actually turning out, could change the course of local politics for years. If Eureka had a few hundred additional democratic voters we would not have lost several good candidates recently.

    The HCDCC has nothing to lose…except its republican members. They need to throw all their weight behind the Eureka Fair Wage Initiative that qualified for the 2014 ballot. I gathered a few hundred signatures and cannot remember a time when any single local issue generated as many new registrations.

    Whether it’s a brilliant candidate or a popular ballot measure, they don’t stand a chance without Eureka’s first voter education and registration canvass in living memory.

    With 50 million Americans living in poverty it’s time to try “bold”.

  5. Jim, this all sounds right. I don’t want to tea party our Democrats the way Glenn Beck is doing, but we do have to help move the Democrats to be more democratic. I hope to meet you sooner than later. If I had time at the time and knew then what I know now, I would have worked with you for Cheryl. I don’t know if we will have the ground game to challenge Virginia, or even Ryan (although Ryan may very well be beatable as he isn’t a Democrat). But we have to start developing a new ground game that can easily be in place by Rex’s and Estelle’s campaigns, or at least the foundations of a ground game. I don’t know how. I think the role I can play is too help establish a parallel infrastructure within the Dems, the Progressive Dems, which might be independent of the HCDCC Dems. It will all depend on the ByeLaws and chartered organizations, etc. etc. We’ll see something has to be done and I agree with you, it starts with a strong door to door or registration or phone tree or precinct captain or whatever. You know, the bottom up stuff, not top down.

    The problem with the HCDCC is it’s not so easy to lose our Republican members, especially when many of the progressive Democrats dropped off during the recent schism by addition. They have votes and power. Their power may wax and wane over the next months and/or years, but I don’t think it’s ever going away. I think the more reliable and safe, but much more difficult way forward is to recreate much of what we have in a chartered organization? One that might be more free to work with other groups with small d democratic values like, heaven forbid, the Greens, etc etc. I’m just thinking out loud because I’m not thinking of only this or the next or the next election, I’m trying to think of how we develop a fail safe political infrastructure that cannot be commandeered by our friends in the center because their friends on the right have gone bat poop crazy.

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