More on This Saturday’s Human Right’s Commission Meeting

Janelle Eggerd has been busy.  Today she has a “My Word” published in the TS explaining why it is important to show up this Saturday.  In short, it’s about supporting our 1st Amendment rights and ensuring that the county returns to the pre-emergency ordinance guidelines (ie before Occupy Eureka).  Democracy and free speech is not always pretty, but it’s fundamental to who we are as Americans.  I don’t know if this is related, but I’m concerned that I see more corporations and private interests out on what remains of public space in our commercial and business areas.  (ie Round Table and Check Cashing on our public sidewalks)

Let’s cling tight to what remains of our right to protest.  Democrats and Tea Partiers and libertarians and even Republicans should all be united on this.  I hope we are.

Here is a quote from Janelle’s piece…

 To protect our rights we need a more rigorous process before laws enact restrictions on free speech and peaceful assemblies. Until there’s an opportunity for a public discussion of such a process, at least their recommendation to remove codes enacted by the “urgency ordinance” should be acted on to protect future unpopular individuals or groups.

Here is a link to the previous dHF! post with the who, what, why and where.

Also in today’s Times-Standard opinion page news …  There are side-by-side letters to the editor for both candidates in the Eureka School Board election;  one for John Fullerton and one for Lisa Ollivier.  I know one of the authors, Bob Service, new Chair of the Humboldt Democrats.  I’m really glad that the TS has given an opportunity to present each candidate this space, but the pieces were not particularly informational in the sense I wasn’t given a great reason why to vote for one or the other candidate. (Bob’s piece was great for 250 words, but what can you do with 250 words?)

That’s kinda why I started this blog.  I want the conversation to be less formal, more conversational, and above all little more in depth.  I have emails in to both campaigns to see if they would be interested in having a thread of their own here.  I am very concerned about what havoc trolls could wreak, but we’ll see .. a) if the candidates can be coaxed into the blogo-sphere and b) if we can get the trolls to behave.

Also… don’t forget to show up on Saturday if you believe in protecting the 1st Amendment and are able to.


One thought on “More on This Saturday’s Human Right’s Commission Meeting

  1. Thanks Jon for the post.

    The codes were amended one year ago with partly good and partly bad changes. They are not being enforced so people think everything is OK. I was asked about that one Saturday as I stood with Women in Black and I pointed to our banner on the flag pole base and said , “But this is still illegal.” With a puzzled look he asked, “Well does it matter if you can still have it?” The answer is yes, because someday some one will hang a sign that people don’t like, or another group of unpopular people will assemble to protest.

    Overwhelmingly people writing and attending the Board meetings when the “Urgency Ordinance” was enacted asked for repeal, and then people attended meetings held by the County Administrative Officer who reported that the overwhelming (unanimous?) input was for repeal and and then again people showed up when an amending ordinance made good and bad changes to the codes . The Human Rights Commission also recommended repeal.

    The vote for the “Urgency Ordinance” was 4 to 1. The vote to approve again with minor changes was 3 to 2. The Human Rights Commission’s recommendation for repeal of the “Urgency Ordinance” codes deserves support.

    If you can’t make it Saturday, please write. Any emails sent to me at will be printed out and given to the ad hoc committee.

    Their email is, but their publicity does not provide it;, perhaps to encourage you to go to the forum, perhaps because the Human Rights Commissioners are unpaid and have no staff.

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