Time to Act for Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly in Humboldt

This title and the post below comes directly from what seems to be a web site/action alert/blog/email list from Redwood Progressives or Richard Salzman.  I don’t know, but I like it.  This was posted today.  I think we forget the importance of our First Amendment rights.  These rights were circumscribed during the Occupy protests as emergency ordinances.  I think it’s important to make sure they are returned to the rights guaranteed in that little parchment.

Next Saturday the ad hoc committee will be at the County Office of Education from 1pm to 4 pm. Their draft document will be available for public review at 1 pm. Scheduled are informal discussions from 1pm to 2 pm. Then a panel will address written questions until 3 pm and then receive public comment from 3 pm to 4 pm. The event may extend to 5pm. The Office of Education is in Eureka at 901 Myrtle Ave.

WHEN:  This Saturday, 1 PM to 5 PM

WHERE:  County Office of Education:  901 Myrtle Avenue,  Eureka

WHO:  All friends of free speech, democracy, good governance are invited.

WHY:  Because we love this county (and country).

Further information:  There was an earlier post on Sohum Parlance during the summer at the request of Janelle Eggerd.  This might provide some background.

Also, here is a quote from an email I just received from Janelle…

“But whether speaking or writing, it is very important to support removing the interim codes enacted by the “Urgency Ordinance.”   Those codes need to be repealed.” – Janelle Eggerd 9/29/13


  • PDF on the Comments on the Humboldt Human Rights Commissions August 8th Report.  From Janelle Eggerd.  This is a PDF file from Janelle on my Scribd account.  Here are her comments about it …“I’ve attached what I submitted at the last HRC meeting based on the Aug 1 draft.  Unfortunately everyone else had the Aug 30 draft.  It has been an interesting process.”
  • Humboldt County Human Rights Commission:  From the web site: “The Commission was initially established to aid in the eradication of discrimination in the county specifically in cases of employment, public services and housing. SB 381 expanded the purpose to include discrimination based on race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, civic interest, or other factors.”
  • Occupy Eureka.  A Facebook page.
  • Humboldt’s Independent Observer Program.  I think they play an important role.  I saw one member out at the ArkleyFest watching the arrests of the protesters along with other community members including myself.

10 thoughts on “Time to Act for Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly in Humboldt

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is reshcedueled

    (d-Jon’s edit: Just wanted to edit this to remove any confusion. Per Janelle Eggerd’s comment below, the meeting is still on. This is an example of trolls being trolls apparently. My edit was to cross out what the troll wrote. Sorry for the heavy handed censorship.)

  2. Jane says:

    I like the semantics but I fear the next time a situation develops where the powerless are assembling to face down the powerful the same thing will happen. I see many in this town who have become detached from their basic idea of humanity. This makes for a distinction between those who are “subhuman” and those who deserve control. There were adequate laws in place to arrest those who did things which risked the public health (like urinating on the grounds, etc.). To issue another edict to make it expedient for those who drove or walked by and didn’t want to have to seriously think about these issues–was simply politically expedient for the authorities. Unless the powerless all conform to a certain look, certain manners, staying within the common boundaries and rules those who stay at home and couch surf through these events, and vote for the local politicos, will see their will carried out. That way passively we never have to question the status quo even if we say we don’t like it. Conflict avoidance in an age of prosperity. We can just blame it all on the people who aren’t like us that nothing gets done and things will never have to seriously change.

    So I’d love to join such a group and recall the ordinance. But I think it would be entirely symbolic. The same violations of public duty will reoccur as long as the voters keep re-electing the same people who think duty is connected to majority always rules or winning the next campaign.

    1. That distinction between something less than human, is what I think many of us, including myself, have to stugle with – at least on a subconscious level. I think that your amazing generosity (from earlier comments) illustrates that you truly do see the homeless as human too. It’s about dignity, human dignity and we as a society need to work on affording all of us the best chance at a life of dignity. Day to day, what am I doing to help? Nothing. I do want to improve that.

      1. Jane says:

        Oh I think it helps to hone arguments. I learn pieces and bits from almost every argument I read. Just engaging and writing back and forth is a bit more than being the couch potato. Sometimes I learn how those I must argue against think and it helps me to ease my caustic nature and understand there are many good ideas out there and mostly we just disagree on the solution not that there is a problem. Other times I have my own arguments handed to me in a hat and I have to rethink and repackage my ideas.

        I am a humanist for the most part. But I am also an economist. I think that cooperative survival is the far best tool which human beings could have at their disposal. During the periods of more peace than war humanity has made great and astounding advances. And there are many studies on the benefits of cooperation as a species. ….blah….blah… people hate reading economics i know. But if your vision is long enough for the survival of humankind rather than just what dough you can produce in the next ten years so you can buy the wifey a new car or the hubby a new gun it makes sense to cooperate rather than be selfish. As all boats rise we all sail more smoothly. The more smooth the ride the further we go and the less we argue.

        But I agree Jon. I need to do more myself. And I also am working on that.

        1. Is economics boring? I suppose. In my case I wasn’t as much bored as a little frightened when you said humanist and economist. But we do need both. The are limits to our ability to share of course.

          Oh, and yes to everything as always.

          1. Jane says:

            I didn’t mean by profession. Remember it takes many parts to make a whole. Understanding economics is vital to authenticating arguments which involve systems bigger than the run of the mill household system. One of my own critiques of society is that we have become too focused on specializing and less on educating the whole human. A human with a broad diverse background can draw from several sources for an answer. A human with only finance as a background draws from finance and the couple of breadth courses the undergraduate degree requires. Not a generalization. There is no preclusion that someone couldn’t become very diverse in their knowledge in other ways including reading extensively without a formal education or just supplementing another area of study. But I do think as a citizen we must have a strong foundation to judge the horseshit which is flung about by media and every party politician. The Humanitarian part though just comes naturally. It is a matter of cooperation. I don’t completely agree with their platform but it is closer to my own essence than any other label floating about in the general conscious.

  3. Funny, The HRC secretary just sent me a flyer Thursday night. And I received an email today from a someone working on the forum that didn’t mention it was rescheduled…

    Whether rescheduled or not, written comments can be sent to fortuna.sunshine@gmail.com or Human Rights Commission 825 Fifth Street, Eureka, CA 95501

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