Meet and Greet for Eureka School Board Candidate Lisa Ollivier

Meeting Today!
Meeting Today!

Come meet the candidate, friends, and supporters or Eureka School Board Candidate Lisa Ollivier.  Lisa has been endorsed by both the Humboldt County Democrats and the Eureka Teacher’s Association.  Lisa is taking on ensconced Board President John Fullerton.  Mr. Fullerton is the preferred candidate of our more conservative Humboldt friends and has been there for a while, so I think it’s time we offer him a break.

These 5 W’s are cut and paste from Sohum Parlance.

WHAT:  “Meet and Greet” our ETA, CLC, HCDCC endorsed school board candidate, Lisa Ollivier.

WHEN:  This Friday between 4 and 7:30.

WHERE:  The Labor Temple, 840 E St., Eureka

WHO:  All friends of Labor and Education are invited.

WHY:  Meet the candidate, free food/drinks!  Get a yard sign, sign-up to help!   Meet friends!

Here is the link to the current board.

UPDATE 9/28:  Here is a link to Lisa Ollivier’s statement to the HCDCC.   Also here is John Fullerton’s reelection web page.  I would note the Support John gets from the Chamber of Commerce as well as the endorsements of Democrats Melinda Ciarabellini and Marian Brady.  This says less about John Fullerton’s moderation given the support of two registered Democrats and more about the conservatism of  Eureka Councilmembers Ciarabellini and Brady.  imho.

CORRECTION:  OOPS; Yes,  Erik Kirk found an important correction.  Previously the “Eureka Teacher’s Association” read “Eureka School Board”.


8 thoughts on “Meet and Greet for Eureka School Board Candidate Lisa Ollivier

  1. Anonymous says:

    school board members are non-partisan offices. the fact that the HDCC supports a candidate smells like a rat in the woodpile….

    1. Cookie says:

      Isn’t the Board of Supes also supposed to be non-partisan? Estelle was pissed off when the HCDCC wouldn’t endorse her.

  2. Real question. So? I still am trying to understand non-partisan races. I don’t like ’em, but it appears we are stuck with them in California for our local races. So why does it matter if it is non-partisan? The candidates have a right to be affiliated with this or that party. Party’s have the right to endorse this or that candidate, right? This is not a rhetorical question, why is an endorsement a problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All those rights are fine and yes they can endorse whoever they want. I am saying it reduces my probability of voting for them because putting party politics into it does nothing but reek of personal/party platform driven agendas. School boards are one of the most important positions for people to actually get something done in the interests of others, our children. We want people who are willing to work constructively together regardless of party affiliation and who are not running for future party favors and to forward their agendas. ANy time HDCC gets involved it means they want their agenda driven home regardless of the electorates needs.

    1. One of the reasons I smell something fishy is the many advertisements the Eureka Schools do on KINS. I don’t think they do the same on KGOE. What is that all about. Best case scenario is they are getting the ad time free. I still don’t think that is right. To have our schools broadcast their message along side Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et. al. is not right. I agree with you that this should be about the children and politics should be as distant as possible. But we have to understand that the political divide runs deep here and the differences infiltrate most policy decisions. Education policy is some of the most important for our country’s and county’s future.

      BTW, on a related topic, have you heard Glenn Beck on common core? I think the same people who are upset with PG&E’s smart meters are going to be active on common core too.

  4. Eric Kirk says:

    Well, the party endorsement makes me slightly more likely to vote for her. The union endorsement means a little more to me.

    But I’m confused as to the Eureka School Board endorsing a candidate for one of it’s own positions – especially against one of its incumbent members. Are you sure you have that right?

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