Petition to Protect Health and Human Services’ Programs

Alexis Millbank has set up a petition at to ask the Board of Supvisors to not take marching orders directly from our dear leader Mr. Arkley.  Good on Mrs. Milbank.  Here is her introduction which you can find here.

On Wednesday, September 18th, one of our community’s wealthiest residents, Robin Arkley, called a public meeting to discuss homelessness.  Before the public meeting, Mr. Arkley composed a message to the community and claimed: “Our City and County are being taken over by the homeless” and that city and county governments and local non-profits “actually encourage the homeless to come here and stay here.”

Please take a moment to digitally sign the petition.  I don’t know Mrs. Milbank (yet – hope to someday) but she commented yesterday and I wanted to give her efforts as much publicity as I could.

I believe we can walk and chew gum.  I say sign the petition and also take Mr. Arkeley up on his efforts.  We do want our community to focus on our local human rights debacle we call homelessness.  Join the Arkley’s committees and work from the inside to come up with real solutions, not just ordinances to brush the homeless further down the track and minimize services.  Homelessness is an intractable problem which deserves deep thinking and solutions.  Mr. Arkley needs our help to find those solutions.  OH, AND sign the petition too.


3 thoughts on “Petition to Protect Health and Human Services’ Programs

  1. american worker says:

    not gonna sign petition but here is some food for thought. Our parks county properties cost us alot of money to up keep. I am not oppossed to helping those who need help. but i am not in favor of giving to those who work. Most transients walk miles a day carring heavyy loads so im quite sure a big percentage are able bodies. Any and all social services should be work based reward programs. You work a day cleaning parks and community property. the governor threatens all the time to that we might have to close down are parks because we cannot afford the upkeep. So if you want free things you will meet at 730 in the morning at area desinated like in front of mrs chin shelter. You will be driven to work assignmnets giving a sandwich for lunch provided water and givn a signed waiver for x amount of services that include food, hygiene products and a card to carry in your wallet that you are actively working to beautify are community. The reason there is so much content for the homeless is many see these people carring alot of wait and walking miles a day which shows they a physically able to work and the hard workers are just sick of giving are hard earned money to those who choose not to work. All welfare of any kind to anyone should be community work service based. enabling people by giving free stuff does nothing but promote laziness. I am not calling all welfare people lazy but i bet 60t% of welfare people are way able to work just choose not to.

    1. Maybe that IS part of the solution. That sounds a great deal like FDR’s plan. You are going to have to convince a whole bunch of right wingers to give up some of their cherished money to help pay for those plans. FDR (and WWII) helped to solve the inequality problems that the guilded age created. We are in the guilded age part two thanks to Reagan and right-wing tax cuts/ insane trade policies/gutting unions, etc. You plan is not outrageous, in fact it is probably part of the solution for some percentage of homeless. The problem is we would first have to agree that we are all part of society and we want to spend money to make jobs AND improve out surroundings. First we are going to have to convince voters to step away from Rush Limbaugh.

      Please don’t see the following as demeaning in any way, I barely learned this myself until my twenties or thirties. I think the following is intentionally made vague by the talking heads on the right.

      Are you familiar with marginal tax rates? Well in FDR’s day the top marginal rate was 90%. That doesn’t mean that a person was paying 90% of their taxes, only 90% on the amount over a certain threshold. So say you made 2 million dollars, maybe the 90% rate was only on the $1,000,001st to $2,000,000th dollar. Up to $1,000,000 you would pay a lower rate depending on the tax table. That way it IS a fair system. Everyone is taxed the same. It’s just if you make more money, once you are over a threshold, you pay more. This is called progressive taxation and the rich would like the system to be even less progressive. (ie flat or fair tax)

      If we ever could increase to marginal taxation rates to 50% or even 70% or higher (I think they are now at 36%), we WOULD have the money to do what FDR did and what you are speaking about. Either that or we could reduce our defence budget by 2/3rds. That might work too.

      But you won’t hear those ideas on Rush, or even Rachel Maddow. You would have to listen to Thom Hartman or Bernie Sanders or maybe Amy Goodman to hear that kind of crazy talk.

      1. american worker says:

        Well sir you are part of the problem, You start right out saying if replublicans would give up some of there money. How about the liberals? Pres Obama spent $513,557,218 on the re election from the top 1% democrats. So there are as many rich democrats in top 1% as republicans. So maybe they should give up some of there money. President carter the marginal tax rate was 70%, How did that workout. Been 6 years of Liberal control of the white house and we have more people on welfare and food stamps then ever. The most people ever out of wok. Union busting is a good thing. Look at that the cities and states going to bankruptcy court. They are doing it because the union pension are unsubstainable. Look at the 1 billion gov walker has saved wisconsin by getting teachers union under control. Teachers pay goes up kids educational rankings going down. Im just glad to see you have put your real feelings that you dont want to fix the problem. because instead of real solution you just use your post to attack republicans. the unemployment under fdr went from 5% bto over 25%. Presidrn obama has spent more in 6 year then all presidents ever combined. president Obama Extended the tax breaks. President Obama re started war in afganistan, So if you really want to fix the problem then you would have solution but like most liberals its all about votes. California is liberal controlled what has the liberals done about homeless in califronia. California is one of the highest taxed states in the united states how is that working out for california. like chicago having the toughest guns laws and highest gun related deaths. All liberal controlled states have highest unemployment. And sir how about president obama never passing a budget. Even when he controlled all branches of government. If you want to go back to fdr how about going back to republican Pres lincoln and the fact he ended slavery. I am a strict republican who beleaves strongly in conservative values. and you seen no where in my original post any democratic hate which i have plenty.That is the big dif between a republican and a liberal. I had soulution without bashing the democrats and u my friend had nothing but bashing republicans. Like obama blaming whites for racism but never addressing the real problem that Blacks do commit more crimes, and blacks are killing themself more than whites killing black. Obama just fueling the fore for votes instead of addressing the real problem in the black community which is blacks killing blacks. Or the liberals wanting to ban guns to protect children but liberal have killed 56 million children through abortion. Or the war on women and women in obama white house get paud less than men. Or clinton passing work place sexual harrashment laws then using his power to get sexual favor from a 19 year old employee. So back to the homeless. California is liberal controlled, why do we have homeless if liberals have the solution.

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