Times-Standard Covers GPU Guiding Principles

First of all, thank you TS and Supervisors for taking time to cover the GPU GP.  I have been looking all summer long, and this is the first time I’ve found any of the Supervisors addressing their opinions of the Guiding Principles in particular.  As I’ve written before, its been somewhat of a blackout.

Some thoughts…

  • First from Supervisor Sundberg.  “They’re so general that they don’t really mean a whole lot.”   OK, so why vote for a change made by two of your colleagues rather than keeping the original Guiding Principles developed with robust public participation?
  • From Supervisor Rex Bohn.  “We’re not going to turn into Santa Rosa.  In 1960, the county had a population of nearly 105,000, now we have a population of nearly 135,000.”  It’s not about the number of people.  It’s about the effect that even a small number of people can have on our surroundings.  Whether it is our asphalt footprint, our carbon footprint or the effects of forestry, agriculture and industry, even small populations like ours can have a huge impact on the environment – local, regional, and global.
  • Supervisor Bohn again “I don’t have an agenda. There are no hidden agendas. The doors are always open. People can come in, talk and say how they feel. What we’ve done is opened up a dialogue.”  “Maximizing flexibility” is an agenda.  Gutting the democratic process and enacting extremely partisan changes to the Guiding Principles while denying anything is happening is having an agenda.
  • Supervisor Bass:  “Some people haven’t brought forward solutions. They’ll say, ‘We shouldn’t do X’ or ‘We shouldn’t do Y,’ but there are some constructive ideas in there.”  *sigh*
  • But of course the biggest whopper of them all comes, as usual from Supervisor Fennell.  “It’s important that policies reflect a cross-section of the community.”  Puh-lease.  The only cross-section she seems to be sampling is her friends in Sohum growing weed (still always illegally federally -that is why she can’t bring it up), and her old colleagues at HumCPR.
  • Of course, leave it to Supervisor Lovelace to be the only example that I can find of a Supervisor addressing specific principles.  He addressed the 5th and 6th principles.  I recommend heading over to the TS to check out the article.

One note.  I don’t know if this statement from the TS is technically true.  “While the revisions have not been referenced during subsequent General Plan meetings”.  There was one BOS meeting I attended where I heard Supervisor Sundberg reference the Guiding Principles when he was searching for, well, guidance.  I noticed this because I wasn’t sure which set of Guiding Principles he was referencing.

Anyhoo, those are some thoughts.  Hope to see you tomorrow.


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