Our Feudal Overlord Requests Our Attention

So Mr. Arkley is convening a meeting tonight to address HumCo’s and homeless problem.  I’m sure he will be approaching it from a perspective of doing what is best for our unfortunate brethren.  (sarcasm)  I for one plan to attend.  The TS has a write-up of it here. (5:30 PM at the Wharfinger Building)

Homelessness is an intractable problem and should be considered a national shame given our nation’s wealth.  Mr. Arkley is probably going to come from the perspective of – let’s make sure they are not on my businesses doorstep.  Obviously the problem is much deeper than that.

democraticMom just emailed me a link to a book that was discussed recently on Charlie Rose’s late-night show by E. Fuller Torrey.  It looks very interesting given it’s subtitle –    “How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System”.   This is on my To Read List. *sends sample chapter to ebook app*

I think both Republicans and Democrats share a great deal of the blame on our nation’s treatment of the homeless.  There are difficult decisions to be made, and it isn’t fair to either enforcement officers or the homeless that this is where our government and the destitute interface.

I hope Betty Chin will be there tonight.


12 thoughts on “Our Feudal Overlord Requests Our Attention

  1. Jane says:

    Mr. Arkley calls a meeting and we all run? I’m against giving the man that type of power. over me Were I in Kansas and the royal Koch brothers called a meeting would I go? Probably not. It takes money or a pretty face to get your issues in front of this town? Lord how low we have sunk. Making political hay on the backs of the poor in times when there are 46.5 million people living in poverty is a pretty slime-laden thing to do.

    Has Mr. Arkley ever done anything which wasn’t based on his own economic interest or free gratis with the agenda of gaining stature political stature? I know, I know, some people think he is this benefactor. I don’t recall any act significantly connect to real altruism however. And I recall many, many, power plays from a bunker under a rock.

    Then again, maybe Arkley does the homeless a favor by mobilizing people into a support group to help resolve this problem, hmm.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The timing of this meeting follows a recent gory murder in one of the Arkleyville Homeless Shelters. No doubt the man is doing what any lawyer might consider under the situation.

  3. Jane – I want to go for the spectacle, and even though I am going to disagree completely with his Lordship on the solutions, I say why not take any opportunity to focus on a need.(kinda like what you said in the last sentence)

    Because I know from first hand experience every day, there is a need. It breaks my heart every day to see people living the way they do. I’m a morning person, a VERY EARLY morning person, so I often walk by many homeless souls sleeping under this or that awning. It’s heartbreaking.

    I don’t see Arkley as a benefactor. All in all, I think he takes more from HumCo’s people more than he gives. It is trickle down economics at it’s worst. Gotta run, his Sirness beckons.

  4. Well that happened. The crowd was angrier and more heartless than I imagined. Apparently we can’t call the homeless homeless for some reason. I get it. I understand where angry business owner Rocky is coming from, but still. I guess they cannot see the bigger picture. They cannot help but see the homeless as ne’er-do-wells or mooches. And that problem exists. However, there is a growing systemic problem of which the homeless are only a symptom. Arkley and his committee are going to be a force to reckon with. Especially with the heavy Republican and Republican-Democrat nature of our county’s Board of Supervisor and Eureka’s City Council.

    I think I have a recording of much of the first 30 to 45 min of the meeting. Maybe I’ll post it later if no one else does. After the 23rd though. There was some outstanding 1st Amendment action outside the meeting that bothered many inside to no end. Ultimately the EPD took the loudest away. It breaks my heart that this is what the 1 percent want to do. Gorge off of a system that feeds inequity then brush away those that remind them that not all prosper. Special disappointing shout out goes to Jill Macdonald. She subbed for a CR course I took once and showed a home to me a few years back. Very nice woman. But her words were pretty heartless IMHO. She and her sister have been outspokenly wrong on the GPU (her sister works for HumCPR and Jill works for the conservative Sunshine for Humboldt) and now Jill is wrong on this too. Oh, well.

    Finally, there was a bunch of talk about the drug culture. I hope they will join with me against Supervisor Fennell and her not-so-subtle support for SoHum’s drug culture. Somehow, I don’t think they will though, unless they can find a Republican to run against her that is law-and-order AND property rights oriented. Lord, if that ever happened, would I have to support Supervisor Fennell? Ugh, I don’t want to even think about it.

  5. Jane says:

    Thank you for a view of the event. There is such power in the concentration of hate and fear as a tool. I find it very difficult to have any respect for a human which appears to have both the opportunity and the means to rise above such immoral herding of shee to do his own bidding. It is the act of an immoral coward in my view. The homeless are and always have been a part of our communities and societies. There are many distasteful elements in my community I would rather see leave town quite frankly as I see their political contributions to governance selfish to an economic end and divisive. But that is not the task at hand is it. The task at hand is to be a community and to build on the foundations given to improve the community for everyone. Not just those whose ideology and lifestyles we give approval to or not. Not devouring your own species is one of the hallmark distinctions between man and beast. I’d rather like to see us improve on that distinction than digress. There are only a few measures of a good man or woman in my book. Wealth is not one of them. And thus far Mr. Arkley does not measure up.

    1. Thanks Mrs. Milbank! I’ll make a post of it tomorrow. I forgot how/where I first saw your petition, but I did sign it a few days ago. It’s a really simple petition and pretty signable IMHO. Thank you for your activism on this Mrs. Milbank.

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