Protest? Would Anyone be Interested in Standing in Opposition to the GPU GP Process With Me?

I don’t want to do it alone, but I think it might add pressure to the Board of Supervisors.

Forget about everything else for a moment.  It is the process that is so surreal.  For years previous to gaining a majority on the board the developer/weed/realtor/property-owner/land-speculator/mortgage-broker coalition was arguing for a more democratic process.  Here is all that is left of what was once a substantial argument from the Section 1500 group in regard to the end-round Supervisors Fennell and Bohn committed with the support of Supervisors Bass and Sundberg.

The Section 1500 group consisted at one point of Peter Childs, Dan Taranto, Bonnie Blackberry, Tom Grover, and Estelle Fennell (before she became Supervisor).  Bonnie Blackberry is closely associated with Charley Custer as they co-host a civil liberties show on KMUD which seems to be 90% complaints about laws against weed, argued under the general umbrella of civil liberties.

Here’s the thing that drives me nuts, and might drive more people nuts if they paid close attention.  Bonnie Blackberry and Dan Taranto at some point formed the Public Participation Work Group and began advocating for 3 new public participation principles added to the existing 9.  When Estelle and Rex and whoever else drafted the new Guiding Principles, which in effect represent a giveaway to private interests of the government’s responsibility to plan for the future to;  when Estelle and Rex did this, they did it in a way ignoring the only 3 principles they did not change.  AND those were the three principles they advocated for and successfully added just prior to being elected.  It is mind numbing and I wish I had the writing skills to better express why.

Also, take a listen to the BOS justifying the changes (around 2 hr 45 min).  You will be amazed by the inconsistency and double speak if you know the whole story.    So, I’d really like to see if anyone else is as frustrated as I am and would care to join me for some good-ole 1st amendment action in front of the Courthouse next week.  I’m thinking 3 to 5 days 2 to 3 hours around lunch time.  Anyone else game?

Bonnie and Dan, I hope to see you out there with me.


21 thoughts on “Protest? Would Anyone be Interested in Standing in Opposition to the GPU GP Process With Me?

  1. Cookie says:

    Hi DJon! The problem with the timing of now, everyone, well most everyone, is at home. Harvest time. ***** Most probably aren’t even paying attention, got too much else to pay attention to right now. *****

    **** added by dJon to protect individuals from rumors I cannot confirm.

  2. Cookie, I have never heard that before, so I’m going to guess EK has edited that content. I’ll keep it on hand and ask if it is OK to become public knowledge. Or alternatively I could learn how journalists separate innuendo from reporting. I honestly don’t know as I’m not a lawyer or journalist, but am really afraid to be responsible for publishing unconfirmed stuff about the real world. Again, I hope you forgive me – it is my first instance of censorship and I censored you and not Stephen. This is not an easy task or one I take lightly, but I’m flying by the seat of my pants right now.

  3. I share your indignation but a big and vociferous crowd at the Sept 23 hearing may be of more value. Seems to me the lunchtime demonstrations are seen by the folks who work down town but not necessarily by the Supes. They don’t necessarily enter the courthouse by the 5th Street entrance. But good for you!

    1. Julie – no, definitely, I agree, everyone must show up for the 23rd. That’s what I (and others hopefully) will be promoting. Everyone, listen to Julie – show up the 23rd, and forget the demonstration if you can only allot for one public participation per month, then definitely make it the 23rd!

  4. Cookie says:

    Hi DJon. I don’t mind. ******* So it doesn’t matter. People know. Goes without saying. I think ***** posted it on SoHum Parlance right after the election.

    **** added by dJon instead of content to protect individuals from unconfirmed rumors

  5. Thx Jane. (and much love back) Cookie, as I have my inner authoritarian on trying to deal with the hate that Stephen is spewing in another thread, I am going to extirpate a couple of sentences, just so names of individuals and Supervisors are not explicit. I hope you can forgive me again. I tried to find the comment you were speaking of, but couldn’t so I’m removing another couple of sentences to eliminate any connection to real people since we may be speaking of illegal activities (or may not be – it’s a grey area – which is half the problem).

    Cookie, if you post a link to your comments, it would add context and I might not have to put asterisks over it. It’s easy to do, find the comment, click on the date part and then copy the URL that comes up by right-clicking in the URL box and selecting “copy”. Then go back to the comment you are creating, right click and hit “paste”. Voila! Sorry if that is patronizing, but not everyone knows these things.

  6. grouchy says:

    I will not be in town and for certain reasons I could not participate in a demonstration even if I were. However, I believe that the (I’m going to shout here, so stand back) THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to register your feelings is to WRITE TO THE SUPERVISORS (email is fine). Even a brief comment stating that you’re opposed to the Fennell/Bohn revisions and what you want to see — more public discussion and/or back to the original or some other wording or what you want emphasized. Write or email the ENTIRE board, not just your supervisor, and address your email to the CLERK OF THE BOARD. Her name is Kathy Hayes, and her email is Her job is to make sure that this gets into the board packet and onto the public record. Thank you! Please do this, whether or not you demonstrate or speak at the meeting. Even a couple of sentences will do.

  7. Done that, numerous times to my poor supervisor and even a couple of times to the others. I don’t like to bother elected officials that don’t represent me, but I found reasons. But I totally agree with you and I hope others will do this. The problem with this, and I wrote about it in an earlier post, is conversation by email is the ultimate wedge for the Supervisors. It breaks the electorate into 130,000 individuals. Sure some people can group together like NCEC, etc., but one email, one vote?

    I could go on, but I won’t I basically agree with you. But I do not consider emails an example of robust public participation. I will not accept the contention that this process was an improvement over the 2004 process. Why? Because it is absurd to say it has been.

    Thanks for the comment, and I had quite a few hits on this post thanks to LoCO, but no takers, so it looks doubtful that I will be out there. Disappointing, but c’est la vie.

  8. Jane says:

    The staff, of the planning commission, summarize the bulk of those comments into digestible headlines void of complex reasoning. AKA “a hatchet job”. Are you insinuating the Board of Supes read every email and letter? Is that possible.

  9. I believe they do, unfortunately, there probably isn’t the traffic you might imagine in a County with 130,000 people. Supervisor’s Bohn and Lovelace have responded to my two emails in short order, Supervisors Bass and Sundberg returned mine when they are free of heavy judgement or politics, not so much when they are not. Supervisor Fennell has not responded to either of my emails. Even the one that just requested that the Supervisors bring up the GPU GP on their weekly appearance on KINS. (and I don’t blame her for it as a) I’m pretty sure she is aware of my writings and b) I’m not a constituent.

    1. I don’t know about that. Honestly, I do feel bad for her and Virginia on a personal level. This is one of the frustrating things, about our political situation in HumCo. It’s natural and right to be diametrically opposed on issues across party lines, but it is very uncomfortable and frustrating to have fundamental differences on governing within one party.

  10. Cookie says:

    It shouldn’t matter that you are not a constituent. I sent an email to Jimmy Smith when he was supervisor, he responded within 3 days. I was surprised because I told him I was not in his district.
    Well, we can now say Estelle doesn’t return emails.
    As far as the protest and the timing of the meeting, it is harvest time for a lot of Humboldt residents. They ain’t going no where. I know I said this before.

  11. Carol Conners says:

    I have appreciated your comments on The Lost Coast Outpost. In regards to the many comments on a recent post on the LOCO, many of the commenters are probably employees and lawyers of SN. You commented on the timing of the meeting coinciding with the GPU meeting. I also see it coinciding with the national Tea Party movement of not passing the budget and more “starving the beast”.
    Carol Conners
    Former secretary HCDCC

  12. Thanks Carol! Now that I think about it, your name sounds familiar. Thanks again! Looking forward to meeting you.
    Jon – current captive HCDCC Treasurer.
    Also, are you going to Rob’s meeting tonight? I will try.

      1. That’s OK Carol, I understand, not many people are interested in it for some reason. Maybe it’s truly that they don’t care like Richard Marks says or maybe it’s because at this point most people see it as a fait accompli. Oh well. But cheers back!

        oops – I just realized you meant the Arkley meeting. I really could care less about that one, I just kinda want to keep an eye on Rob and maybe even add some heart to his meeting. What about the GPU meeting?

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