NHUHSD Is Doing the Right Thing, Finally

It took time, people power, and apparently two defiant non-apology apologies from Dan Johnson for the NHUHSD to finally do the right thing based on reporting from the North Coast Journal.

First of all.  People!  Someone HAS to start recording all local public meetings and posting them online.  Seriously, how difficult is this?  There has to be an app for that.  First Gary Graham Hughes’ trip to the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce and now this contentious NHUHSD meeting.  I think the audio or better yet video would be instructive for people to get first-hand impressions of what amount to outbursts of our local ‘culture wars’.

We could get bogged down in taking sides and defending our turf, but underneath the shouting are real and real important issues.  A record of events would give us a chance to closely examine either side for ourselves.

In the Dan Johnson case the issues were best defined, IMHO, by Marcy Burstiner at the North Coast Journal.  There was an overflow of letters to the editor on this over the next few weeks in both the NCJ and TS.  It seems the pressure finally got to the NHUHSD board who made an abrupt about face last night from their original position.  It may be that the embarrassing possible Brown Act violations had something to do with it too.  (Good on you Sunshine laws and local reporters!)

For the record, this isn’t about getting Dan Johnson off the NHUHSD.  If Mr. Johnson had simply apologized and explained why he needed to, this would not be an issue.  IMHO.

(A letter I wrote on this that was published in the NCJ and TS is below in the comment section.)


47 thoughts on “NHUHSD Is Doing the Right Thing, Finally

  1. David McCullough Jr.’s speech that Dan Johnson plagiarized for Arcata High School’s commencement speech was very popular on the right a couple of years ago because it addressed the coddling that many see as rampant in education specifically and society more generally. Isn’t it ironic then that the school board has decided to change its own policies instead of levying any penalty on Mr. Johnson?

    Note that in the board trustees’ statement on July 26, the only response to the plagiarism is to “appreciate” Mr. Johnson’s apology and to only lightly chastise him for the tardiness of his apology. In a just world (or county), Mr. Johnson would have been dismissed instead of adding any more bureaucratic hoops for the board to jump through. We don’t need more bureaucracy to police elected representatives to behave appropriately, we need elected representatives that know how to behave.

    And to reply directly to Mr. Johnson: Don’t play the victim. This is not about your intelligence, we both know you are very “smart” as evidenced by your successful business career. This is about right and wrong and paying attention (not “good and evil” by the way). As Mr. McCullough advised his audience in the same speech, we all should “develop and protect a moral sensibility and demonstrate the character to apply it.” Did you use that sentence in your speech?

    From here…http://www.northcoastjournal.com/humboldt/about-that-speech/Content?oid=2323429

  2. I’ll leave the same comment as I did on the NCJ since you guys are all one political gang when ganging up on those who don’t share your political views. I am disgusted with my fellow Jewish activists acting as Jewish gangsters now ganging up together as the 2% minority out to control the 98% Gentile majority and running just about every political org in Humboldt County while their Zionist rightwing counterparts are running America’s government policies. Time for a Jewish whistleblower to stop these crazed Jewish activists who on both sides of the political spectrum do not know what they are doing and really hurting real social change wherever they conduct political warfare against Gentiles. And don’t think they aren’t doing it here in Humboldt County. Look at the record of who’s been running the protest and lawsuit wars that removed 2 major Humboldt County anchor businesses.

    Jesus, you Progs are dangerous people. Talk about a witch hunt and removal from office by forced political terrorism, you Proggies are the ones to go to now, aren’t you! Johnson’s perfectly right to question the energy and effort made to remove him from office had been spent trying to help students. Arm pit politics, Green’s need to be shunned for corrupt leadership and as usual, it’s another action of political activist Jews, my misguided fellow Jews out to ruin Gentile economy again ganging together in local political orgs to run the 98%’s politics, even in Humboldt County

  3. First Stephen, Welcome.

    Second. So this is my first ever decision on censorship. I guess I’ll leave it out there to crowd source. What do you the reader think? I find Stephen’s comment anti-Semitic and offensive. Anyone else? OK, if it is agreed it is anti-Semitic what should be done? I have another thread started for hate/fear speech, should I move it there or delete it?

    Regarding content. Stephen, ‘gang’s is not the right word. Parties, maybe. Gangs implies gangsterism. I want to work with you to remove authoritarian, gangster like activity from politics and government if, when it exists.

    Also, Dan is sinking his own ship on this one. He made a bad mistake then instead of apologizing called out people like me. I don’t think your anger is justified on this one. It’s not a winning battle for you IMHO.

    The Board’s first reaction was to agree with you and do nothing. I believe they put their finger to the wind and now know it would be a very difficult proposition to be re-elected having not reacted in any substantial way to Dan’s mis-step. It is the people speaking on this, not some cabal. If anything, a cabal, if any exists has been overturned by the people. Go people!

    Stephen – you can be the first to comment on you post. Do you find your words hateful? Do you see how it contributes directly to this anti-semitic canard about some Jewish/Banker/whatever conspiracy? And, to be clear I have no idea what you are talking about. None. If you try to spell it out further, then I will definitely delete that comment. You can discuss political theories based on race or ethnicity elsewhere, I’m sure there are great sites all over the net for that. Just not on this little soap box. Sorry.

  4. jtimmons88 says:

    Delete it. He’s not contributing to intelligent discussion. Re: Dan Johnson, I think he has serious mental issues. It takes a certain type of grandiosity to think that he could plagiarize from a speech that was downloaded on YouTube alone over two million times. Then he drags his daughter up on stage attempting to elevate her over the other grads and only succeeding in embarrassing her, I’m sure. The poor kid. He is not fit for public office but he apparently does not have the character to resign and ALLOW the Board to move on. He has done one positive thing: maybe local voters will pay more attention to who we have on our school boards as a result of this publicity. One can only hope.

  5. Jane says:

    Probably fifty percent of the population has “mental” issues. We want perfect people to serve on our Boards and in our community positions yet the whole concept is that they are simply community members willing to do “time” for their community. Yes, some have their own agenda and, yes, we tend to elect the more attractive people with good hair and teeth thus culling the herd of potentially bright people. Yet then we expect perfection in their performance and rip them to shreds in social media. Why in the world would anyone reasonable seriously want to serve for their community.

    Yes, it wasn’t very smart not to passively or not-so-passively, take credit for someone else’s work. He should have known better but in these times where Facebook simply claims ownership over anything and everything posted lines get blurred over what matters and doesn’t matter anymore. Yes, it was a bad example. Yes, it served as a learning experience for everyone. In the meantime we have so many bigger badder problems which should be taking up our time which parents and administrators and the community are not putting their energy into as long as they are dumping on Mr. Johnson. At some point it is stupid to make such a political witch hunt out of it all.

    Just my little nuggets worth on the topic.

    1. Julie, I do agree with Jane that mental issues is a low blow and unfair. I for one proudly count myself in Jane’s 50%, I mean, seriously, read what I write – kraaaay zeeee. Thanks Jane.

    2. Cookie says:

      I disagree with you Jane. The lesson learned from this by the kids is huge. As one Arcata student said: “this has taught me that if you are rich and powerful, you can get away with anything.” Nice lesson.
      And his apology that said that his detractors had more problems than he himself? His behavior is that of an arrogant bully. Your attitude is of forget it? This is so sad that Humboldt is becoming that way.

      1. I’ closer to you on this Cookie, but I don’t think it’s a trend. It’s just another guy who has listened to too much FOX and right wing radio. And believed it. That’s where he got that speech. Probably KINS since he said he heard it on the radio.
        But it is important to let go, IMHO. Don’t let them get away with garbage, but if they apologize, then no harm no foul? In the end there will be bigger fish to fry. LIKE THE GPU GP (for one example). 🙂

  6. Update: So far given probably Julie’s and my down votes, what I’m going to do since there is offensive material mixed with fair arguments, I’ll probably cut out the offensive paragraphs and repost them in the fear/hate thread. I’ll leave it up for a day to get more opinions, but unless there is a huge outcry, I think that balances a space for level-headed discussion without censoring anything.

  7. Not A Native says:

    FWIW, my take.

    I attended the board meeting and agree that a good recording of what was said is the only fair way to understand what happened. At the start of the meeting, microphone use was spotty and there were audience calls for speakers to use the microphone. Dan Johnson didn’t use a microphone and when some in the audience asked him to use one, he said he wouldn’t. Mike Pigg also wouldn’t use a microphone. I could hear Mike pretty well but Dan’s voice sometimes dropped off, especially when he was beginning his comments. So I don’t think a clear recording is possible unless the press was allowed to put microphones on the table.

    As to the issue, after the public comments three board members(the ones up for reelection in Nov.) made statements going over the events but supported Dan. They voiced a concern or confusion with the last paragraph of Dan’s apology and gently asked Dan to make a clarifying statement to address their(and what they felt were the community’s) concerns. Dan Collen said he felt the issue was resolved by the board’s action in June to update district policy. Dan responded saying he had nothing more to say at that meeting.

    The three board members then made statements more pointedly calling for Dan to speak at the meeting, citing that the issue was not going away, was interfering with board work, and reducing the public’s confidence. One made reference to the upcoming election. Dan Collen reiterated that the issue was resolved and wanted the meeting to move on to other board business. At that point Dan made a statement. I think it should be heard in it’s entirety by anyone offering an opinion of the issue. After that, things pretty much concluded. There was some confusion about making a motion but the three board members made very convoluted statements eventually saying they were further troubled by Dan’s statement and then voted to ask for Dan’s resignation. Collen abstained and Dan voted no.

    As to Stephen’s comments here, they’re offensive and if I heard them in person I would object and call the person who said them crazy and stupid. But on a blog, I ignore them because getting attention is what I think Stephen really wants. And responses only co-enable his malady. I would say either leave them in their entirety where posted, remove them in their entirety under some general policy, or repost them in their entirety in another thread. I wouldn’t edit them for content because that’s taking on a role of interpretation that I feel isn’t appropriate in a public forum. Editing turns his posts into a joint project. Stephen is an adult and should be allowed to live or die on his own words as he has constructed them.

    1. Thanks NAN for the thoughtful response on the NHUHSD controversy and on the offensive language policy. It seems like the NCJ journal touched on that statement that Dan (Johnson right?) made. It didn’t seem completely contrite from the way I took the NCJ reporting. But I agree with you, I’d much rather hear it or read it before commenting on it.

      I think I’m going to just put my tablet up on the table of any public meeting I go to starting with the HCDCC meeting tonight. I’ll have to figure out how good it is at picking up all the voices in the room.

      My policy is going to have to be a work in progress to see what I have the time to afford to do. I see your point about keeping the post together. Food for thought. Thanks.

  8. Sorry, Dan, to me you are either part of Jewish takeover of most all important political action positions in Humboldt County activist orgs, or are silently contributing to it. There’s no mystery about it happening. All you or anyone has to do is start counting up who’s heads what orgs or are prominent members and see that us Jews at 2% of the population are usually the majority of these orgs and usually out in front leading the pack of Progs to social, political, personal war against your political opponents. And no doubt about it, you guys are a GANG as your own comment reveals when you use the very same phrase to describe Johnson as the NCJ did. If you’re not Jewish, then you’re being naively taken for a ride by Jewish activists who when you sit down with them and talk about how they were raised to perceive mainstream Gentile Americans, will reveal a cultural prejudice that expresses itself in anti-Gentile political activism that is aimed at destroying Gentile society one way or another. It’s not a planned conspiracy but happens naturally now with Jews coming into Humboldt County from usually the East or big cities to take advantage of higher education allowing them to move into positions of political power as opposed to local Gentiles with less education. So it comes down as in the case of Dan Johnson of a class war as well as Jewish religious war where educated elites from back East conduct a war with local Gentiles with less education. I’m sick of it. I am a dedicated activist most all my adult life and what you guys do here in Humboldt County just makes me ill as it is so dirty with stupidity and crass violations of personal rights that I cannot stand still and let you political users and abusers turn Humboldt County into another political cesspool.

  9. And I will and do stand up for Jews of conscience. I am a member of IJAN but I won’t let ANY 2% minority, not even mine, the world’s richest minority group, try to gang together to takeover local political orgs and political agendas.

  10. IJAN, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. “Anti-Semitism” is the cannard,. the calling card of smeardom that ADL, AIPAC, and now you, Dan, are using to stifle ANY criticism of Jews, ANY.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have time now, but those last three are gratuitous Stephen. Like I said, please take your ethnic-based hatred elsewhere. They will be re posted as soon as I can.

  12. Anon, who are you posing as “they will be re posted as soon as I can”? You this blog owner pretending to be “anon” to get another shot at me in? This is what we can expect from you guys–foul play. Censorship, gangsterism, character assassination, blog post manipulation, fraud in short. I am up front, straight out in my criticism of the way Jewish political activism has degenerated into community social warfare as in Humboldt County by the Jewish Left seizing control of local liberal political venues and organizations. Look at the numbers, folks, if you’re in a Humboldt political action org see what ethnic group has the most membership in it and who’s at the helm. 2% of the population and way over 50% representation in local political org leadership positions. Which mirrors the same disbalance happening at Washington D.C. highest government positions advising the President. I don’t want any Jewish takeover of my country and that’s what I’m seeing–as a Jew. You don’t want conspiracy level against your ethnic group, then get the hell out of majority highest levels of government and political activism. I don’t want any war with Syria and I don’t want a Prog led witch hunt continuing to happen against Republican individuals. Not in my community where these people live and have a right to their political views and a Right to make stupid errors in public and not get elected if that’s a telling sign. But your witch hunt? Stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

  13. Stephen, Anon was me. I was at Kinko’s printing stuff and didn’t have time to sign in. Every inclination I have is to delete, move or otherwise ostracize your comments. But I went back and read them carefully. You do not use ethnic slurs and your arguments are coherent and do return to the political. You are walking a thin line, but you did it adeptly.

    I would like to say that I am highly skeptical that you are Jewish. It seems more likely that you are a ‘Gentile’ yourself and adding the self-hating-jew act to add some perverse credibility to your anti-Semitic rants. But that is neither here-nor-there as I can’t prove anything and you choose to post without revealing your identity.

    Here is the thing. So much of politics is about narrative. The mother of all narratives is the anti-Semitic rant. It has a long history in English culture (I thought of Shylock and Googled “Was Shakespeare anti-Semitic” and came up with this interesting and short blogicle of anti-Semitism in England. I also know that Jews were treated as second class citizens in Ottoman times as well (half of my heritage). The entire world has had more than it’s share of anti-Semitism and apparently Humboldt is no different.

    So I’m going to use one of NAN’s options and just leave your rants. They are very interesting to me because you and I know that your anti-Semitism is the heart that feeds the Ron Paul libertarian worldview. Add Alex Jones to this list and many others. Libertarianism is trendy and rife in our county and I’m not sure all Libertarians realize how many others are coming at this philosophy with this innate hatred. In a way I am glad you are providing the service of advertising this hatred.

    ‘Democratic’ to me means in part having conversations. Often the conversations are going to be distasteful as this one is. But I think we are better for having it, and I just plead with you Stephen, if you could just take those theories elsewhere? You’ve made your point. Like, three times now.

  14. But you don’t hear it, do you? You’re still under the thrall of Zionist Jews who if you learned their history are the ones who’ve been instilling the Orwellian Double Speak crap that ANY criticism, and I do mean ANY at all of Jewish actions in the world, of Judaism’s racist theology, which it most certainly is when you do your homework and study its original Torah/Tanakh mandates and actual ideology of this racism put into practice on us Ashkenazim Jewish converts for over a thousand years producing by such racial selection in-breeding those diseases specific to Ashkenazim, e.g. Crohn’s disease, which a friend of mine died of. I speak as an Ashkenazim Jew because my mother and her mother’s heredity that showed up in DNA testing was primarily that. And as you should know, “Who’s a Jew” comes down to one’s maternal inheritance in Judaism’s determination. You can go to Israel and find “Jews” with far less “Jewish” bloodlines than me and if Yeishu ben Pantera who I and others researching past the Christian scholars fear of “anti-Semitism” labeling on them that keeps them from researching and critically examining the Talmud’s accounts of someone who certainly shares Jesus’ biography and forgiveness of sins theology as well as magical healing abilities, well then, he too, was only half Jewish but considered “Jewish” because his mother was such, not Joe though. So there’s that.

    But let’s return to your attempts to libel me with the Zionist’s smear of “anti-Semitism” which started being used against anyone who criticized Jews because these Ashkenazim European Jews wanted Palestine and wanted to establish a “Right of Return” to Palestine in order to seize it and convert it to the Jewish idea of “history” of Hebrews in Palestine. Which is all based on ancient Jewish fabricated fables that were never ever true. Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silberman’s work is what I respect, coming from a U.C. Berkeley anthropology major background at one time, from Jews who aren’t afraid to tell the truth about us Jews. Judaism is the foundational ideology of all Abrahmic religions and as far as I’m concerned all Abrahamic religions pose a proven historic danger to every country they become the dominant religion in. Abrahamic religions are all territorial conquest and totalitarian control oriented. Judaism wants Palestine, all of it. Pauline Christianity wants the whole world and got in more than a millennium of evil totalitarian control over European and Americas societies. And now Islam is making another bid for world conquest. I attack Judaism’s racist ideology because it’s evil and its being inflicted on our 21st world in Palestine in the form of settlement building for Jews only and all paid for by U.S. taxpayers. You call me “anti-Semitic” and yet it is me, not you, who has put in over a decade’s worth of pro-Palestinian Semitic people’s rights? Me, not you, not anyone who labels me “anti-Semitic” doing such service for real live Semitic peoples? Me, who was honored, sang to, by over 500 Semitic peoples in Nazareth, Israel in 2003? You dare to call me “anti-Semitic”? I say you need to stop promoting Zionism and stop using Orwellian English slander for real communication and not political assassination.

  15. Sorry, Jon, but I can run rings around all of you Progs in ethical thinking and ethical actions. You’re all phonies, all doing political activism here as social warfare to promote your social status among social war mongers which Jewish Leftism is all about as it is inherently at war continually with Gentiles and Gentile society. You’re not community minded people but anti-community minded. Plus you use the Zionist Jewish tactic of personal attack, personal character assassination, against those you’ve branded “enemies” and demonized in order to promote social war. I’m a communitarian activist and you guys are real bummers to real social change activism because you are war-mongers, following the Jewish social warfare against Gentiles and most all of you not having a clue that you are just as robot brained culturally conditioned minions of a failed and dangerous selfish ideology as the people you attack. Communitarian social change activism is not social warfare based and creates real social change models instead of fame junkies seeking headlines by these crappy personal libels on the target Evil Man. I’m just sick and tired of having seen your types in action over the past 3 decades here in Humboldt County and that’s why as an activist really concerned with my community I expose by criticism your warfare against Humboldt County citizens.

  16. I don’t have the capacity for the use of language that you do to argue with you. And this discussion borders on the edge of anti-Semitism. That’s all I can say without encouraging you further. Shall we agree to disagree?

  17. No, Jon. As long as you are acting for Zionist Judaism’s Orwellian Double-Speak that tries to assassinate anyone who criticizes Jewish actions in our world I will counter your political evil. I work to aid real Semitic peoples and if you can’t understand why it’s important to stop smearing us who do work for Semitic peoples rights you need to step away from any position of political influence over my Democratic Party. I don’t want your types controlling my Humboldt County community. You are a danger to human rights of those who are victimized by Zionist smearers and I for one am one of these victims thanks to your bigotry against critical scrutiny of Jewish ideology in action.

    You want to sidestep moral responsibility and have a seat on the Democratic Party political agenda here, no way, Jon. It’s not going to happen on this person’s watch. You’re not going to get away with slander, libel, and low-life smearing of Humboldt County citizens period. Take that crap to some big city where there’s no community left but squabbling ethnic groups because they’ve long ago given up uniting together as community because to do so, the ones making status on promoting community conflict and community social war won’t budge because of selfishness, community be damned when there’s Bad Guys we can create to move ourselves up in political gangster hierarchies. Just don’t want it here, Jon. So if you agree to some time take a really long hard look with research behind it into the racist policies within the Jewish religion against the majority of humanity, making Judaism’s racism exactly like blanket white supremist racism, when you really bother to look at the way Israel was established by breaking all Democratic representation from the people victimized by Zionist propaganda, then you might back off attacking me for whistle-blowing on the evils of the foundational Abrahamic religion. I’m not letting Pauline Christianity off the hook either or Muhammad’s Islam, both Abrahamic religions producing another type of evil activism.

    1. flevitan says:

      Jon, he’s off the deep end with his conspiracy theories. I won’t invoke the wrath of Godwin, but this is mighty close to that. (International Jewish Communist conspiracy – where have I heard that before?) I’d delete and ban him if I were blogger/moderator. Free speech or rational political discourse do not sanction hate speech, and I’m not sure why you’re interested in hearing from him or sharing his opinions with us.

      1. Thanks flevitan, first of all. And you are right.

        Here are two reasons besides trying to avoid censorship when at all possible… 1) I believe that the best way to combat hate speech like that is to allow it. a) Hopefully people like you will speak up against it. and b) I hope readers who have never been exposed to ideas like this (me included) get to understand the flawed logic in the reason based on hatred an/or fear. I know there is a line somewhere, on one side of that line is ethnic/racial slurs, I will not allow that. But Stephen hasn’t invoked any slurs that I can tell. Just hackneyed and pervasive and dangerous and trite stereotypes. 2) I believe that those ideas are very influential in the Libertarian right. (even though Stephen says he is a Democrat) I think if these ideas are out there for public consumption, leaders in the movement like Rand and Ron Paul and Alex Jones will have to take a stand against them. I know that Glenn Beck for example makes a conscious effort to remove racism from his followers now (after he was called out for calling Obama a racist). Many of his policies are inherently racist or ethnist (word?), but at least he doesn’t support those policies in the name of racism. That’s a decent starting point.

        So when people like Stephen do rant on race and ethnicity, I think it is important to call them out on it. It’s the shaming theory of the scarlet letter, but they are the ones pinning the letter on themselves.

        I might change my mind in the future if it gets out of hand, or if trolls start doing it gratuitously. We’ll see how it goes. So far I’m able to handle it, but it’s inauspicious that it has begun so early and Stephan is so dedicated.

        Here is a link of an MSNBC host calling out Ron Paul recently on his anti-Semitism that I posted earlier.

        Also, because ‘democratic’ – duh!, if there is consensus that I should censor his posts, I am more apt to do so. Two or three votes for censoring so far I think, not many except mine for allowing it. We’ll see.

        One more thing. If a single Jewish person asks me to block Stephan, I will gladly. I do want this blog to be inviting to whomever would like to read it. So I guess in the end I’m pro-censorship if it means people feel more welcome to the debate. Some people would call that political-correctness, I call it respect.

  18. Jane says:

    Well Cookies, respectively, you exaggerate and make assumptions about my opinion which are not fact. The world is not black and white and there are all kinds of shades in between. Should there have been a discussion and consequences for the action… well yes there should have been. Should it have become major headlining World War III type stuff (note: that is a hyperbole rather than a straight up exaggeration), no. That was my point. Too much energy when other larger more damaging issues need to be resolved. Besides if they really wanted to crack down on the issue of plagiarism they would do so within the school. Direct consequences are a much better learning tool.

    1. Cookie says:

      Why would they crack down on plagiarism in the school when it was a Dan Johnson, a trustee, who did the plagiarized speech? Dan Johnson needs to resign or be recalled. Plagiarism is a black and white offense Jane.

  19. There, Jon. Welcome to Humboldt County blogosphere! I think I put out the welcome mat for you placed ever so gently by my righteous arm of justice and good sense right in the center of the doorway.

  20. Stephen, you are a Democrat too? Holy toledo we are a big tent. This is your count so far “double speak” (2), evil (6).

    And yes Stephen. Congrats. You did affect me yesterday. It is depressing to share the world of ideas with one as cynical as you are. So, we now know the facts or narrative as you see it. Can we now focus on policy or action items. What policy ideas do you have because that is ultimately what politics and this blog are about. I really care less, but if you will continue to write here please move the conversation forward and stop with the smearing. BTW this is a local thread so if you do want to add some Israeli or Middle Eastern policy ideas I do have a Syria thread which I and members of my family put some work on.

    Your ideas should have the strength to stand on their own. They should not have to depend on smearing others. This thread started not with smearing Dan Johnson, he was the one who did that btw, it started with requesting consequences for something Dan did.

    One last thing. This is now becoming a trend. I am being labeled as urban or big city. That is a very effective political ploy and will help the cause of those who disagree with me. Also ‘transplant’ works too. That is where you might want to focus instead of “evil” or acting under the thrall of whomever. I don’t know why I’m concern trolling you on that, but maybe it’s because I’d like to try to keep this blog free of personal attacks based on religion – especially when applied with a broad brush.

    Jane? is that really you with the new gravatar or an imposter?

  21. Jon, it’s just that I’m a California boy, raised rurally, and to me, you’re outside interloper come here to wreck the local economy and by golly, if I can identify your ethnic religious background solely by your political climbing and chosen opening topic which is to add your Jewish voice to the Jewish led attack on Dan Johnson, who is not Jewish but Gentile Christian. I am assuming you are Jewish because you haven’t denied when I asked you to identify your ethnic background on Eric’s thread. You are committing identity fraud now, D-Jon, as well as ideological fraud. You’re not a Democrat. Your politics are indistinguishable from Greens and do not include the mainstream Democrats who form the majority of all Democrats in Humboldt County. That you can be identified as an outside Big City boy is also telling about your political reasons for not having any empathy or understanding of rural community which is NOT politically divided into warring camps as you Jewish Leftist want to make it.

    D-Jon, you haven’t gotten it that if I can identify your ethnic and probably East Coast background solely by your initial words entering the political battle to smear Dan Johnson, you and all local activist Jews doing this type of low-life smear campaigning of Gentile Republicans, then you need to wake up morally. It’s yours and fellow Jewish Leftist activists lack of morals when it comes to politically attacking local Gentile community members that I can’t stand and won’t put up with on my watch. You attack my community, you attack everything my Democratic Party stands for. And please, stop continuing to smear Dan Johnson’s reputation. What he did as a local school board member when school board members are notoriously just as smart or dumb as their communities who elect them is just too minor, too petty for anyone but a bunch of Jewish Leftist Prog sharks trying to do the ADL/AIPAC smear of the political opponent. You are acting, whether you know it or not , as a Jewish Leftist political thug, part of an ugly political attack team that uses dirty tricks to stop their political opponents. And that comes from two places, D-Jon. One, Jewish Leftist hatred of Gentile rightwing Repulican businessmen, and your Big City politics cultural background that can’t get it through your heads that when you live in a small rural community, the political tags just do not work to divide people into warring camps like you want them to be so divided.

  22. Stephen. I had to delete that last paragraph. I don’t have the time right now to cut it up further, but I had to remove the innuendo about a third party I have never heard. The validity of your remarks is not the point, I do not know nor care. It is basically a matter of good taste (or in this case bad), and probably some legal matter too. I do not want this blog to be the place where we start spreading rumors. Even that is not a good hard and fast rule, because I have one item I happened to come across that I plan to post on some day. (Totally different topic though – ie not anti-Semitic rants.)(There’s that thrall again, right?)

    Stephen I do want to say that I commiserate with you. Not at all because of what you insist on writing about, over and over and over, but because I shared your myopia and resulting confusion just 3 months ago.

    After the GPU GP meeting on 6/3, I joined the ongoing discussion on Sohum Parlance and kinda made a fool of myself at first. The only opponent I really recognized was developers and contractors and Tea Party property rights people. Turns out I was wrong. I was paranoid that one anonymous blogger, That Other Anonymous, who was saying he was a Democrat and relatively liberal on many things except the GPU was really being paid for his posts, or a contractor, or whatever. Turns out I was wrong. I don’t think he is being paid or working as a year-round campaigner for any candidate. I still think he is being extremely disingenuous and misdirects in his arguments, but after about 65 pages of blog conversation with him I realize my initial myopia. The benefit of that experience was to learn a new opponent of mine – the power and influence of weed.

    So Stephen. I do believe we disagree (a lot). You are way off on why. I am Turkish on one side and a British Isles mix on the other – mostly Welsh and Scotch. All three ethnicities tend to be a little stubborn and feisty, if I may be stereotypical for one moment. I grew up in California, had a great education largely supported by the State and fellow tax payers back when we used to have largely free higher education. I love California and I feel I have a duty to California the land and it’s people to work toward a more perfect future.

    I totally disagree with this passion you have that I am smearing Dan Johnson. If it was, Alex Stillman, for example (the first NoHum elected official that I can think of who I might want to defend) I would still hold the views I do. I probably wouldn’t be writing about it because I don’t think she would have called us out as ‘self-proclaimed arbiter of good and evil’ (paraphrasing I don’t have the time to do an exact quote). That little paragraph is why I had to write, that and the inconsistency of the content of the speech given that he is not able to accept accountability for his plagiarism. It is the absolute definition of the double speak you are ranting about.

    In the mean time, I tagged this thread with the HumCo culture wars. Your posts are a great illustration that I was right to do so. There are politics behind this controversy of course, I know it and you know it. I do KNOW that you are mis-characterizing the fault lines in that political/cultural battle. You may wish that the controversy be a function of people’s religion, but this controversy has nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to do with the c**p you are writing.

    good day stephen, I SAID GOOD DAY!

  23. I removed two of Stephen’s posts for the same reason as above. Stephen I don’t have time to go into your posts and manually remove innuendo. You are free to speak about me and you and our religions. I don’t want to speak about other people’s religions unless it is already a public topic for discussion. You must realize this. Like a two-year old, now that you know my limits you are pushing them. I think I’ve demonstrated I will allow quite a bit. But I can’t allow you to dis on some other person’s religion gratuitously. It is just in bad taste. I’m sorry if you consider this censorship, but I don’t because you are free to start another blog of your own and say what every you want. Think of it as a political rating of G for general audiences. You can go to another NC-17 blog and share those ideas of non-elected officials religion elsewhere. I don’t even have the energy or time to give you a more articulate answer. Sorry.

    To be clear. I’ve allowed a very wide berth for what I find disturbing discussions of religion. It is when a single individual or group is mentioned that I have to censor.

  24. Stephen. I read your posts again and they make me feel sick. Literally sick. Here is my suggestion to you. Post with your real name because your posts are extremely offensive. When you speak about an individual’s religion you are basically making an end run around our U.S. American political system. People have the right to free expression of religion and it is hatred like yours that hampers this. Sadly.

    So please start your own blog. Please have the courage of your convictions to post with your name. BTW, my name is Jon Yalcinkaya. Please Stephen. I have not blocked you, but I will have to consider it going forward as I am not being paid for this and I don’t have time to babysit you. Please, please follow my very simple guidelines (but evolving) and we can have the discussion you want. I am pro discussion, even difficult ones, but I can’t condone calling out individuals based solely on their religion. And, btw, I don’t see any new material in the removed posts, its the same thing as above only with names included.

    Unfortunately I think your point is to play the victim of some big conspiracy because that is much effective politically than actually have people read and digest your views.


  25. Here is Stephen’s post sans specific individuals or families…

    Thank you, D-Jon, for finally identifying yourself and if correct, not proving my Jewish Leftist gangster paradigm operating in Humboldt County unless you are one of those who sides with Holocaust Jews who also use ethnic Kurds as a way to attack Muslims. Anyway, if you’re not Jewish, I was wrong. But I am not wrong to show that given their 2%

    representation in the general population yet way over that in highest government offices AND in local Prog, enviro orgs, and given their propensity to target…. You are protecting the ***** family yet gunning for the Gentile businessman. Why, D-Jon? Why, when ***** has committed Voter Fraud would you and fellow Progs think Dan’s minor error in judgment affecting who? Certainly not students who Never ever pay the slightest bit of attention to school board members, i.e. you Progs are conducting a very trumped up character assassination attack on a Humboldt County citizen. You guys did it with Arkley too and will do it again with any Gentile Republican businessmen and it’s foul play on your
    part, the actions of Big City politicos now foisted onto our County. If you love California, love its People too and don’t play vicious slander war games with them in order to defeat your political opponents. You do that and I have no beef with you.

    Submitted on 2013/09/14 at 12:57

    Make that “given their (Jewish activists in Humboldt County) propensity to Not attack

    Jewish business owners ******

    So there it is. There were a few sentences removed after the ***. Nothing outside of specifics agains a family I have never heard of before and believe me has nothing to do with anything locally.

    It is a local culture war and Stephen outlines it beautifully. Obviously very few people take it from this perspective, but the us and them is consistent. (or them and us depending on your point of view). For my thoughts on this please see the thread Why Good People are Divided by Religion and Politics. We need to have political discussions under that aegis Stephen or we will just be involved in trolling and food fights. I think our local policy deserves a higher level of debate. This is bottom-rung.

    Again, Stephen, please, you can continue to play the 2 year old and push limits and tire me out, or you can contribute by not calling out individuals. It’s up to you. If you continue in this manner I’m going to have to learn how to block you from posting on this blog.

  26. Why are you protecting the **** and going after the Johnsons, D-Jon. Your attempts to divert my queries only show political manipulation at work. And because it’s being done mostly by X religious individuals in our community, most all of whom are transplants from big cities, mostly East Coast, I have to make the logical connection despite your political antics of the scared to be exposed variety.

    Go ahead and prove you too are into intellectual fascism when it comes to being accountable for very nasty mean-spirited character assassination attacks on Prog targeted Gentile businessmen leaving Jewish ones free from scrutiny. Its “rumors” now is it that when I post info about how the U.S.’s biggest environmental organization has slammed the ***** family business practices that were in part responsible for the Bangledesh deadly sweatshop fires because both ***** and Walmart refused to comply with safety regs, this is now deemed by you as news to be censored. And I ask you again, why? Give us a rational reason why the ***** family cannot be discussed when Dan Johnson can?

    dJon’s note – I added ****** to protect individuals and family names from …. just bs. I’m tired.

  27. And I do have a blog. It’s mostly dedicated to anti-Zionism and has been running for years. You want to address Israel’s antics you can come post your opinions on my blog. I censor no one except ad hominen character assassination comments. You Progs censor political comments and let ad hominen attacks go unchallenged when they attack Prog political opponents. That’s the Prog m.o. and your threats to censor my posts that only raise the issue of comparison of ethics between Gentile and Jewish businessmen when you have no scruples about attacking the character of the Gentile Republican businessmen, only shows your bias and prejudice speaking which destroys all your political credibility–it’s like Obama refusing to answer to the obvious question why did he try to promote another war with the enemies of Israel?

  28. And I ask you again, why? Give us a rational reason why the ***** family cannot be discussed when Dan Johnson can?

    1) because my concerns are about a) and elected official and b) about a policy issue. In this case whether or not Dan Johnson should be reprimanded. Your concerns stem from a concern about a religious minority having undo influence over society at large. If you don’t see the difference, I can’t help you. My strength to deal with your posts is waning. I hate to do it Stephen, but remember I am not being paid for this, I simply cannot spend the time to censor your posts. I am working very hard to enable an open discussion and you enjoy pushing the limits.

    When you speak of anti-Zionism, you are not doing it in a vacuum. You do realize this. Anti-Zionism may have some relevance on your blog or on Mondoweiss or on Middle Eastern blogs, but if local HumCo politics are discussed within the frame of anti-Zionism, you are perilously close to carrying the baggage of a whole other sphere of thought. I’m being vague because I am trying to respect your request to not be labeled.

    You seem to be stuck on describing the problem and cannot discuss what you want to do about it. How do your observations reflect real world politics or policies in HumCo? Would you like to ban certain people from political debate, political influence based on their religious affiliation? How are you going to do that besides smearing their reputation (and by they way the reputation of a great world religion) with some ill-defined conspiracy? Just by smearing their reputation? Isn’t that an ad-hominem attack?

    To be honest I actually am very sympathetic to Mr. Johnson now. I am embarrassed that his name is being dragged into this discussion. I do apologize to him for this, it isn’t at all fair.

  29. Stephen, I know you are going to say I’m under a thrall again, it is a very effective argument for those that are coming from your perspective, but what about this?

    This is from a recent show MSNBC and I found it searching for Ron Paul anti-Semitic. This is a real problem for the Libertarian Right. I believe I largely concur with much of Ron Paul’s foreign policy views (at least compared to most Republicans or Conservatives) because while I might have a pro-Arab bias based on my background, they have anti-Jewish bias. It’s difficult because I often agree with Ron Paul’s views in the Republican debates when it comes to foreign policy, but underneath the reasonable policies is a thread of thought where anti-Semites can find a home.

    I want to respect your request not to be called an anti-Semite, but do you agree that anti-Semites exist still? If so, where do you think they would be politically? I’m going to guess you would say the progressive left? Logic and reality have left the building in this discussion so I don’t think you are constrained by inconsistencies in either.

    BTW, is there a technical name for your 2% concerns? This would help discussions. I know of oligarchies, plutocracies, kleptocracies, is there a name for the Zionist 2% that are controlling our county and country (and world? right?)? Is it the Semitocracy or Judaiarchy or something. I hate to lighten something so dark, but sometimes humor is needed to shine a light on the absurd.

    I’m still waiting for you to move this stagnant and horrific conversation forward. You’ve made your observations and beliefs clear, even without the specifics, I’m sure the reader gets your point. So what? What are you to do about it. I find an analogy in money. I also worry about a tiny percentage controlling the nation. It is the 1% defined by money. The policy initiatives to counteract this power imbalance are numerous and I am happy and interested in discussing them. What about you and your policy initiatives. I still haven’t heard those. (Not for the Middle East, again, I do have a thread on Syria where those questions actually have some legitimacy based on the ethnic and religious hatreds of the region – I’m speaking specifically of your policy initiatives for Humboldt County, U.S.A.)

    1. flevitan says:

      He subscribes to the GLOBAL ZIONIST CONSPIRACY FOR WORLD DOMINATION, and thinks that Hillary Clinton is its leader. He also believes that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not a hoax. Loony-tunes pure and simple. Ban him, don’t waste your time trying to engage him in rational discourse. He’s about as relevant as Ahmedinejhad is now.

      1. Another reason I am prone to allow it, other than trying to avoid censoring at all costs, is I am curious. I really have no contact in real life with haters. I know they are semi-rational and prevalent and I’m kinda curious, I’ll be honest. How does someone get to this point? What are his policy solutions? Where is the disconnect? Maybe if we begin to understand these, we as a society can work against them more effectively.

        It’s analogous to why I am a fan of listening to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. Analogous people! I’m not going to call them ethnicists at the level that Stephen is.

  30. Jesus, D-Jon, which is it? You hate my posts or you want to engage in discussion? You disagree with me and now you don’t. At least about*******. Thank you for seeing some damage done to ***. I admit to being sensitive to slander attacks from people who claim to be “radicals” or Progressives who should know better if they really have the good of the community at heart. Something I found out is not as often the case as one naively believed previous to the enviro’s environmental disastrous Timber War policy started by our beloved and now hopefully defunct forever Earth First! yahoo fame junkies And EPIC. I’ve learned the hard way that when you hold environmental protection views different from ruling class of enviro orgs with fellow Jewish members usually running them or in the majority membership policy makers that character assassination was what they would instantly resort to to stop any criticism of their protest and lawsuit actions, very few of which saved trees. In fact, Luna, crippled in Julia Butterfly’s bid for fame and fortune exploiting our Humboldt County problems, is the only old growth tree I know of actually “saved” by enviros in over 20 years of effort. I personally witnessed EPIC lose for all of us over 20,000 acres of prime old growth redwoods in strategic stream corridors throughout all of Pacific Lumber Company’s land ******* by refusing to negotiate at all with Hurwitz in 1991, in the early years when Maxxam was actually open to cooperative compromise with environmentalist.

    And then the enviros Timber War morfs into the Progressives political attacks on Humboldt County office holders as Progs seek to seize political control of Humboldt County. You’re part of that political agenda, Progs seizing control of BoS, Eureka City Council, McKinleyville School District Board, Harbor Commission, Water Board, any and all positions of power. And again, just like in the enviros overabundance of Jewish activists, its true of Progressives now–the actual hit squads like ***************, ******** undercover because Progs can’t have *** out in the open due to his notorious fraudulent deeds that make ***** look like baby sneeze in comparison. Sermon on the mouth:

    It’s that I’m Jewish too, but Christian (not Messianic but Gnostic Christian Jew) and to me its waaaaay past time for us Jews to look critically at the real History of the Jews as a history of religious fanatics who burdened each child with a paranoid mindset that told them, one, us Jews are Special to God and no one else is, so Special that a fence must be placed around Jewish beliefs to protect their Specialness by keeping all non-Jews away. The religion calls for severe racial selection by prohibiting intermarriage with Gentiles, i.e the Nations, i.e the vast majority of humankind. Judaism is based on racism and it is always the fundamentalists of any of the Abrahamic religions who really determine politically that religion’s influence on its believers. So in Israel, fundamentalist racist Judaism is being expressed in the form of Jewish settlement building for Jews only. This is obscene racism against Gentiles, Palestinians being the Gentiles in the way of Zionist takeover of all of Palestine which is the real underlying goal of Zionism. The flag of Israel tells the goal in symbolic form. Star of David for all Israelis and the blue lines, top and bottom show where they want Israel to go. I am Gnostic Christian and only claim to be Jewish because I can and must to be a peace activist because Jews are really fucking up the whole world now starting with the Zionists pushing for decades and finally getting Palestine by pure crook. The Big Five Powers after WW II with their newly created United Nations as front to stave off real world community government, got 33 nations to go along with the Partition of Palestine, not a single Palestinian voting, present to say otherwise, and by actually breaking the U.N.’s Charter that protects the right of self-determination of indigenous populations. Israel was created by breaking international laws and by ruse using Jewish refugees as front for Zionist land stealers. I could go on and on and do on many an internet forum which where I do my daily activism. Zionism must be stopped. Zionism is being protected here in Humboldt County from moral scrutiny because my fellow Jews are so numerous in political orgs here and most Jews aren’t willing to be labeled “anti-Semites” anymore than you or me for that matter. But I have to make a choice. Either I work for piece or I work for Jewish protection of what I think actually believe is the root cause of most all our current problems in which Jewish religious warfare dominates the scenario. Zionism. Jews from Europe wanted and got Palestine by subversion and trickery and force of arms and that Crime against Humanity, the humanity of Palestinians made to be scapegoats for European guilt having not any European country given to Jews but Palestine–and as one deeply religious and now quite knowledgeable about Jewish and Near Eastern religious history, the Jewish claim to Palestine is a bogus as the Pauline Christian New Testament Jesus Christ. They’re both Stories taken as real history with horrible historical results. People die. In masses. And its still going on. This is why I’m anti-Judaism as a racist religion and foundational one for the rest coming after because the Story of Abraham exposes both Abe and his god as moral monsters and these two are foundational to all Abrahamic beliefs. Garbage in-garbage out. That’s our world history dominated by the Abrahamic believers. So I whistle-blow on the inherent anti-humanitarian doctrines embedded in each Abrahamic religion, even my own in its Roman Empire produce Pauline Christian form. And so I expose Judaism’s local form of anti-Gentilism, going after Gentile targets and avoiding the most prominent business owner in Humboldt County whose anti-safety policies landed the family in the sites of America’s biggest environmental protection organization to which I belong. See? It all makes senses. Its too convoluted for most people to follow including you as you protest against my intellectual form of…well, protest and social education hoping to influence thinkers and doers because I’m too intellectual for the Demos. I know you can follow this–it’s not that hard to understand where I’m coming from and why I, as a social change activist, keep hammering at people who are closest to my political beliefs to keep to the moral high ground at all times. No slip ups, because if we have real truth on our side, and not political propaganda of the moment or of the decade, i.e. fad and fraudulent social change that changes nothing really, we must show, model, how it works in actual practice.

    I’m working on a project now. Long story and as you now know for sure, I cannot do soundbite posts..got too much to say and too little time to waste.

    DJ’s note: ******* added because again, Stephen insists on calling out local people (state and county) with arguments based only on their religion. I am not OK with that and have added the asterisks. Everything else is as Stephen wrote it.

      1. Another troll in the blog of life. I thought of Stephen among other trolls when I read this.

        It might be unfair in Stephen’s case. Maybe he isn’t a sadist, because from his blog, he seems to truly care about things like inequality. So if not a sadist, then extremely misguided.

        My favorite part of that article if anyone reads it. A coffee grinding machine that was part of an experiment to test how much people enjoyed grinding bugs. Unknown to the participants the machine was designed to keep the bugs alive and produce a sound that mimicked bug crushing. No bugs were harmed in that experiment! Awesome! I love the Ivory Towers, really, I do!

  31. I do not hate your posts Stephen. I dislike them and they make me physically sick to my stomach. But it is discussion and it needs to be as free as possible for you to express your concerns without stepping on other’s rights. When you bring in other’s, even public figures, with arguments based only on their religion, I do not feel it is worthy dialog.

    Still haven’t answered any of my many questions. I find this a great deal in the comment zone and it is one of the characteristics of trolls. To busy to spam their ideas rather than engage in discussion. (I know I resemble that remark too – but I do try to respond with the time I have) Here is another question to add to the list. Who have you voted for in recent elections – from President to City Council if you live in Eureka?

  32. For reference, here is Stephen’s blogs from his avatar at Fred’s blog.

    This seems to be the only active blog.

    Just a cursory look at the latter does not show any of the over-the-top hatred that Stephen likes to display here. In fact there are CATS! How can a person who posts cute cat pictures say what he says? I have no idea. There is a disconnect there, no?

    Oops, upon further review… between the cat post and a post on income inequality is a Israel Controls America post. There it is. Not as overt as it is here, but it’s there too.

  33. veryhumbleharold says:

    I’m back, D-Jon, just in time I see to get another load of bad air from you. You need to to grow up and stop being a troll yourself coming out from under your bridge to join fellow Prog trolls all trying to climb on the Attack Arkley, Attack Johnson, Attack ANY and ALL Republicans political bandwagon. Go team Prog gang-members! Smear the Enemy’s Reputation even though Arkley can run rings around any Prog acivist who does Nothing but destroy people’s reputations as if that replaces actual community help as the Arkleys have done a hundred, thousand time more than any one of their Prog critics, like you. Who has done What exactly for Humboldt County citizens, Jon? What have you done to think you can smear a community member who has done much more for helping us who live here than you. Why don’t you learn about alternative eco-community technology and use your blog for actual social change instead of these temporary enviro/Prog social wars that accomplish nothing?

    And next time you point to my blog,. have the courtesy NOT to try to include me in your Slander campaigns? Like I say, Jon, grow up. Be a mench for a change and do something that helpls the community and not these stupid social war and character assassination stuff that just drags real social change into the same gutter politics you are engaging in.

    And that’s my advice for you and this hit-blog of yours..

  34. Thanks for the complement harold/stephen. Just note that in both cases I was reacting to something they brought upon themselves. I am allowed to criticize Saints Arkley and Johnson, no? And please do snippet out the phrase that is so offensive to you in either of my original posts. I do try to refrain from ad hominems so I will correct those when appropriate.

  35. UPDATE: From MacTown Press. Jack Durham. “BOARD WANTS JOHNSON TO RESIGN; EMBATTLED TRUSTEE LASHES OUT AT CRITICS, STAFF, BOARD MEMBER” (Didn’t mean to shout, that’s just the way the title copy and pastes)

    One quote from Mike Pigg, NHUHSD President. “One of the roles of the board is to communicate with the public. And if there’s anything Dan has let down in his role, is not communicating with the public,” Pigg said.

    Wrong, Mr. Pigg.

    Also, I love Mr. Pigg’s scapegoating of the media in the article. (sarcasm)

    For the record Mike Pigg is a Democrat, this criticism has nothing to do with anything more than this article.

    Also, RAIN!

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