Wow, That Happened.

When you do decided to start a blog, one of the cool things, at least for a numbers guy like myself, is you get stats.  Mostly sad and lonesome, but sometimes wonderful stats.  Here is what happened yesterday after Hank over at Lost Coast Outpost and Eric Kirk at Sohum Parlance decided to link to this blog.

130910 Stats
WordPress Blog Stats for dHF! as of about 5 am today.

For those keeping score that’s 139 visitors for 306 views or about 2.2 pageviews per visitor.  I’ve noticed the average page views is usually around 4 so that means most yesterday came to check it out, were either bored or repulsed and moved on.

Here’s what the number of site views looked like hour by hour over a 48 hr period.  The peak is just under 70 views.130910 Stats 2

The chart ends this a.m. around 5.  That is the power of a site like LoCO (and Sohum).

More fun?  Wordpress also offers a world map of where visitors are clicking from.  Here is what yesterday looked like.

dobro jutro and bonjour and صباح الخير
dobro jutro and bonjour and صباح الخير

Croatia, France and Yemen in the house!  Hooray!  Yemen is my Dad – Hi!  Croatia and France?  No idea.  I do know that my goal is now to get at least one visit from every country…. I’ve got time.

So about the post that started all this – John Hrabe’s word map.  I stand by what I said, but I believe John isn’t necessarily an objective observer (nor am I).  Word on the street is that John has worked with Michelle Rhee.  Michelle is very problematic for many Democrats. A Google search for John and Michelle does not bring up any definitive alliances, but FlashReport where John is apparently Senior Editor a) needs more editing as of this hour and b) seems to have very conservative advertisers (like … STEVE BARIC!  THE CONSERVATIVE TOUGH ENOUGH TO CLEAN UP SACRAMENTO)(The caps are mine, but common, you know they are implied).

However, John’s used the word map effectively.  Also, I think he does bring up an important point, and I do think Democrats should be open about what we do and why.  I think the quiet period between elections is the time to honestly discuss these sorts of highly charged political issues.  Periods when there aren’t elections immediately on the line and we may be able to have thoughtful conversations that, who knows, may inform voters on what needs to be reformed.  And I think most voters will agree that campaign finance and/or money in politics needs urgent attention.

More later, after the GPU GP!  Two Weeks Y’all!  That means it is going to be a Monday.  Time to start making plans.


12 thoughts on “Wow, That Happened.

  1. Jane says:

    Dear Jon,

    Write and they will come. People are mysterious creatures and they like to explore their own ideas. But many have limited patience with ideas they can’t connect to their own. A good blogger makes that connection and then takes the reader on a wonderful adventure into new ideas.

    Just my own rambling thoughts of good wishes. Watching the numbers will drive you crazy. I’ve bookmarked you (context: I bookmarked Eric a long time ago but have never bookmarked the Outpost nor likely will. I never know what “ride” Eric has in store. I can predict the Outpost like a formula) and will come in from time to time to catch a good ride.


    1. Hooray! Jane! You are right of course about the numbers. What I’m trying to do with that is kinda make a political statement. I am a huge disclosure guy. I think many on the left are missing what should be a pretty easy argument. Disclosure on campaign finance is an obvious example, but I would love private companies to have some pressure to disclose information and numbers too. The way I see it, companies are getting more and more information on us (think Safeway club cards). We should be pressing to start getting some information on them too. Especially when the information involves us customers. It’s an out-there idea, but – hey – now I have a platform for these hair-brained schemes. Hooray! (again)

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you do often and more importantly I get to meet you sometime out in the real world.

  2. Having posted on after a long hiatus I checked my stats and this page was there. What a wonderful surprise. As you might have noticed at SoHum I only comment now and then, but will be checking in…

    Jane is right about the stats

  3. Jane says:

    Dear Jon, keep in mind there is software out there which allows one to avoid analytic programs so there is an app for personal un-transparency as well. Just saying… I appreciate your leadership in the transparency world but not everyone visiting will show up in your data set.

  4. Eric Kirk says:

    Congratulations Jon! Maybe you’ll revive the local blogosphere. We used to have like 50 of them, but most of us have folded up shop or just lost energy. We can use your infusion of fresh blood.

    There are some pitfalls to this medium however, which can burn you out. You’re already running into some of them. Just try to keep it at arm’s length as much as possible, and don’t get drawn into long draining exchanges with idiots hoping that they’re going to change their behavior. Decide what you’re going to do about it and just do it.

    1. Eric! Thanks! and Welcome! OK, enough exclamation points. But I can’t help it! I’m Stoked!

      OK, seriously, enough. (!)

      You are right, and I definitely intend to be here a long time, so burn-out is a concern. I have the time write now, so I’ll take advantage of it.

      Also, censorship is a really tricky business – especially in this country – especially when you have “democratic” in your name – so I’m trying to be creative. Especially at first.

      Having experienced the overt racism in this community first hand, I’m kinda of the belief that there should be a place where this garbage is posted on a wall. The wall should be near a toilet, but it should be there. The problem with that is it might encourage others to just post hate, just for the effect. That is the fine line IMHO. I will have no problem deleting what I think is hate just posted to try to get attention. But when it is thoughtful(ish) hate, I think there is value in recording it. It exists. If you don’t shine sunlight on it, the danger is it might fester.

      Those are my thoughts anyway, we’ll see. It might get so overwhelming I won’t have time to do anything but delete, delete, delete. Click, click, click.

      We’ll see. But thanks again for the input. (!)

      Eric Kirk – Everybody!

      Now how am I going to explain that all us progressives aren’t simply sheep following EK and SML. Oh well.

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