John Hrabe’s Word Map of HCDCC Donations

I stumbled over this website last night as I was, well, Googling for this site actually.  This word map is fascinating.

Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee: 2012 Contributors
Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee: 2012 Contributors

First a little insider baseball.  I’m going to in all likelihood become either the HCDCC Treasurer or an Assistant Treasurer.  My qualifications? I volunteered.  It is a thankless and time-consuming job that requires a certain level of comfort with numbers, databases, money, etc.  Phillis Seawright has done a remarkable job for the past some-odd years and I believe everyone is rightly intimidated knowing the amount of effort she has put into the job.  It’s really a thankless job with heavy time commitments.  So THANK YOU PHILLIS!  The HCDCC will need more than one person to complete the work Phillis did on her own.  Literally.  We are changing the bylaws so we can have one or more Assistant Treasurers.

So anyhoo, back to the word map.  I think I get John Hrabe’s point and will look into it as time goes on – assuming of course I can continue to work with the Treasurer after this post has been read by the powers that be in the HCDCC.  What I would like to point out is, having done this job for only a week, the word map DOES show quiet local Democratic angels.

Also, I have been told that we do not tabulate the large amounts of money that work their way through our system in our monthly financial reports to the HCDCC meetings.  I will be advocating for changing that.  I think we should trust our HCDCC members (and by extension the public since our meetings are public) with further documentation of the big money that streams through our coffers.  It’s public information after all and if we are not proud of it for whatever reason, well then maybe we shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.  Although I will say that I don’t see any problem with it.

Money is a problem in the system right now.  Democrats and their most important and influential ally labor, cannot unilaterally disarm, but they should be open about what they are doing. Maybe that way we will serve the greater good by demonstrating to the public the importance and influence money has.  Maybe then we can start working on that constitutional amendment to overturn the 5 conservative Supreme Court Justices who believe that money is speech and corporations are people.

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