Documenting Humboldt’s Fear of Other. Part i

This will be a thread to link to racist, religion(ist) , ethnicity (ist), misogynist, sexual preference(ist) comments that should be seen, understood and shunned.  We have a great deal of work to do on our underlying tribalism in HumCo.  I don’t want to be divisive, I just want this to be a topic for discussion because if it isn’t the undercurrents will persist.  And their are very strong undercurrents that sometimes make it to the surface of polite society.

See comments for links as I find them.  I am going to try to link to comments from other blogs/sites.  At LoCO in particular, these links may still exist even after the comment has been deleted.  We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Documenting Humboldt’s Fear of Other. Part i

  1. This one calls for Obama to hang. Nice. I flagged it a day ago. It’s still up although the LoCO staff didn’t seem to be there yesterday. (Rightfully so, even internet journalists/pundits get weekends!) Fred Mangels and Otis Driftwood included in the upvotes. Nice serving of hate fellas.

  2. This does not belong with the rest of these. In the end, I do believe that calls for secesion come ultimately from an insular instinct of us vs them. I see the point and can comiserate or appreciate or emphasize where they are coming from, but to fundamentally undermine the fabric of our state or nation is a problem. And to find the distinctions between rural and urban so great that would call for our own State? Well, that is why I’m posting this here.
    Another reason Democrats should be against this, Senate Votes. The way the Senate is set up, the rural states have proportionally way too much power. This is a Constitutional and fairness issue that should be addressed some day. Obviously some day waaaaaaay in the future, at least one or two lifetimes away.

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