A: Greed and Weed. GPU Thread Part iii (16 Days To Go)

Q:  What is driving our current GPU process.

Here are some links to Sohum Parlance threads where I and others (many others at first, later only Cookie and I) were commenting on the General Plan Update in general and often the Guiding Principles in particular.  The first link is very interesting as many of the most influential people in the process weighed in including Peter Childs, Bonnie Blackberry and Dan Taranto of the §1500 group.

Sohum Parlance Links which included Guiding Principle comments.

This is the comment in the Pathetic! thread where Cookie and I started to make an attempt to go through an analysis of each Guiding Principle, one by one.  It was really a useful exercise and I recommend everyone interested to do the same.  Take a copy of the new and old Guiding Principle and ask yourself why make these changes?  The answers you come up with will be as good as any offered by the Board, btw, because they haven’t offered any except Supervisor  Fennell’s declaration that her and Supervisor Bohn’s rewrite was a fair representation of the introduction to the chapter on the Guiding Principles.

I think this one comment, made by “Jane”, back in April 2012 was so insightful given what has happened in Summer 2013 that it is worth a special link.

Estelle, like most politicians without extensive actual experience, can always adopt the feel-good friendly-to-transparency point of view. Those of us who have worked with Estelle in other organizations know this is not always how she manages her own workload.

Remember.  This was written a year plus before Supervisor Fennell worked with the most conservative member of the BOS (as a Democrat mind you) to rewrite the Guiding Principles that had been worked on extensively and with substantial effort at inclusiveness.

More on that post title later.


4 thoughts on “A: Greed and Weed. GPU Thread Part iii (16 Days To Go)

  1. Hi, so I really dislike writing. I have had a life-long writer’s block. I’ve discovered this summer that I can overcome this block with that blinking cursor. Somehow, if I know I will be spamming the internets with my ideas, the words just magically show up. I hate to think what that says about my personality. Ok, moving on.

    Even with this new found ability to write, I cannot for the life of me compose a short message to a group. I’ve been trying to all summer to write two brief thoughts. One for the HCDCC and one for the BOS. Both on the GPU GP which I must have written 100 pages on this summer.

    So I’m going to take Cookie up on her suggestion and try to write it here. It’s nice knowing this is kinda hidden and it may be that no one reads it. Here it goes…

  2. In 2010 November Elections HumCo voted 61 to 39 (22 pnt difference) left over right for Governor at the top of the ticket. In 2012 November Elections HumCo voted 64 to 29 (35 point difference) left over right for President at the top of the ticket. So, why do we have to deal with a crazy, right wing pipe dream, private industry give away for our General Plan GP?

    Why? Money. Money and weed, but weed is money too, so Money!

    First of all, why am I bringing this up here – because we as Democrats control the Board and we as Democrats will be responsible for this abomination.

    And I’m using abomination in it’s precise, legal definition. Why? One. As Rex said during the BOS GP meeting, he wants to “maximize flexibility”. 1) How can you maximize flexibility in a plan. That is what a plan is, it is meant to be a plan and guide our development based on our values. Plans are meant to minimize flexibility. That’s kinda the point. 2) and this is where this gets surreal – Democratic Process. Estelles section 1500 group was responsible for adding 2 more principles to the GP that promoted public input adding to the one already extant. Then, when she and Supervisor Bohn rewrote the GP she did it in the most undemocratic of ways, changing every single principle except the 3 that she was undermining at that very moment. Do you get this?

    So how did this happen? Money. One Democrat has yet to learn all the niceties of being a Democrat (see California Democratic Platform on regional planning) and the other is influenced by the civil liberty left that is on full display at KMUD and LoCO. To understand this perspective you have to understand weed. People invested in weed do not want government oversight at all. One because it is still illegal and two because, well for the same reasons any business doesn’t want government involved. They don’t want to pay taxes and they want to do things their way. That’s not how it works unfortunately.

    Anyway, if everyone could please show up on the 23rd. Also, if anyone is interested, I would like very much to stand outside the courthouse for a couple of hours each day starting Monday – say 11 to 2. Will anyone else join me?

    Hey, it worked! WOW thanks internets!

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