24 Days to Go…. Here Are Portions of a Letter I Wrote 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass

I do feel bad sometimes for Supervisor Bass that she has me as a constituent.  I do not have a competent internal editor and the letter I sent her was much longer … Here are portions.

A) I would like to know what your feelings are on each of the Guiding Principles and why? What have you heard from other constituents so far and what version are you going to support on each one? Or, if you are going to support different language in any of them what is it and why? I don’t think it is too much to ask for you to comment on each of the (now) 11 principles. (You probably should also comment on the 12th and why it should be deleted – I think it was number eight) And you of course can include any new ones you might be in favor of. I would encourage you to ask your colleagues to do the same – I think you all owe it to use before the meeting on the 23rd so we know what specifically to address.

For the record I favor the existing – pre-straw vote 12 for the reasons Supervisor Lovelace brought up. Those 12 have a record of the public process involved. The most important changes in the current 11 were made behind closed doors by a fellow Democrat who happens to have incredibly conservative views on property rights issues and arguably the most conservative member of the Board of Supervisors.

Also, please note that although all 5 of you have said they believe in the public process during Board GPU meetings in July. We have no ability to read your minds and e-mails and friends and phone calls, etc. so we the public do not currently have any insight into why each of the 12 principles have changed the way they have.

B) I wanted to ask this prepared statement/question at the last BOS but couldn’t gather the courage. I wonder if you could address it in an e-mail instead.

I have 1 (and a half) questions for you regarding the Guiding Principles.

Once the current Guiding principles are finalized, what is your intention for how long they should hold? a) Should it be as many years as it takes for the majority’s ideology to change, or b) Should they stand for a period of time? and c) if (b) how long should they stand?

My answer would be (b) an allotted period of time and 20 years. No matter the answer, think this process has established a troublesome precedent. Either the principles of the plan are subject to elections and as such are not much of a plan, or b) by the extremely wanting public participation this Board has set up you are sending the message that might makes right. I believe, as a proponent of regional planning or smart growth, that we need plans that are somewhat immune to one or two partisan elections like we have just experienced. Thank you for the time.

Don’t forget to write/call/meet with your Supervisor too, no matter your views on the Guiding Principles/GPU.  Time IS running out.  Also, make plans to show of the 23rd.  If travel is a problem I can pick up at least 6, I’m sure we can find other volunteers to pick people up too.  (Again, no matter what your views are – unless I begin to sense funny-business)


One thought on “24 Days to Go…. Here Are Portions of a Letter I Wrote 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass

  1. I sent a similar letter to the other 4 supervisors this am. A few minutes after I did I got this response from Rex.

    There has been quite a bit of public input since the adoption of Guiding Principles in 2004, and in talking with a lot of people their input was not considered or simply ignored in public process pre 2004. There is now a draft set of Guiding Principles that has been presented and straw voted now we will have more input and all will be listened to. I have heard an overwhelming, enthusiastic voice of support on the new draft which was not an overwhelming difference as some stayed as written. The whole idea is dialogue and a plan that has Maximum Flexibility, protects the environment, and preserves property rights, Let us Hope for the Best, Rex

    Here is a snapshot of my reaction … *headdesk*

    Here is my quick reply to Supervisor Bohn-

    Thanks for your reply Supervisor Bohn! Not quite what I was looking for, but like I said, not a constituent – not going to press it further. Thanks Again!

    It’s on you dear reader(s). If you are a constituent of Supervisor Bohn, I would love the answers to the questions above. – Especially B) because I think we know the reasons for A) – he just can’t admit them in public without losing a bunch of support.

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