General Plan Update (GPU) Thread Part 1 (of 1 most likely)

This is mostly a book mark to serve as a thread for all things GPU, and especially Guiding Principles (GP).  If readers are not familiar with the GPU, well it is a long story.  I can’t summarize it, I myself only know a small portion of the story.  I think this is one of the reasons I find the Guiding Principles so important.  They consist of 11 principles that have been approved by a 4-1 count on a “straw vote” process.  This means they are conditionally approved with a chance for the public to digest the changed principles, react and argue their point of view with their Supervisor.

Thing is, if you survey the media landscape, you won’t read or here a thing about these Guiding Principles.  At least not now.  That wasn’t the case before the power on the Board of Supervisors (BOS) shifted and the Guiding Principles were rewritten.  Why?  Many reasons, foremost among them is the media’s readership (I can’t stomach local television – sorry) probably doesn’t care.  Except those who are directly effected and those people are now happy with the process.  Want evidence?  Here is HumCPR’s current home page.  The last call to action?  June 3rd of course.

On that day the Guiding Principles (GP) shifted, from one that reflects our County’s rightful responsibility to plan development with an eye to protect resources and our surroundings, to one that gives the private sector the upper hand.  So, now, the less news the better.  At least from HumCPR’s perspective and they unfortunately have an undue influence on our public conversation.  I noticed that during the July 8th or 22nd BOS meeting, whichever meeting established the September 23rd GP meeting you see in the upper left hand corner, all the Supervisor’s professed great appreciation for the democratic process and encouraged their constituents to contact them with their concerns about the GP.  Thing is, since then mum has been the word.  Nothing.  Zip. Zero. Nada.*  (for the most part, there has been very little BOS GP talk, but qualitatively it has been less than 0.5, so I’m rounding down)

This is what I would call an instance of democracy-washing.  The Supervisors would like to plant the flag of public participation, in fact the legitimacy of their GP depends on it.  But the reality could not be further from the truth. Why?  More in the comment zone later – life beckons.

* I’m pretty sure this is a Rush Limbaugh phrase that apparently has infiltrated my subconscious.  Doh.


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