I AM a hypocrite … and GMOs

I was rightfully called out as a hypocrite today.  I was wearing a Right-to-Know, Label GMOs tee-shirt to McDonald’s this morning and a young woman called me out.  I told her she was right to do so.   We had a nice, brief conversation afterward after we both gave our money to the man.

I am really torn on GMO’s.  I don’t know enough about them to come down on one side or the other.  One blogger I respect a great deal, Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum, was even against California’s GMO labeling initiative, Proposition 37 last November*.  I was for Prop. 37.  I’m also anti-hypocrite.

But I do realize we are all human and life is complicated.  Being hypocritical from time to time should not mean you can’t advocate for this or that issue.  Hypocrisy will hurt one’s credibility on a subject, sometimes rightfully so.  But it shouldn’t be the end of the conversation, or the personal or societal goals for which we all strive.

*http://www.motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2012/10/why-i-disagree-kevin-drum-californias-gmo-labeling-proposition  Rather than linking to Kevin’s blog – I’ll link to Google’s first search result.  This article does link to one of Kevin’s posts against Prop. 37.

Meta Note (aka navel-gazing) :  when posting, WordPress offers you about 10 posts that their search engine think matches your post.  The options are often pretty good.  I might frequently use these.  The one I’m adding today mentions McDonald’s hypocrites like myself.  I may or may not agree with the Savior conclusion, but that’s just because I’m agnostic and I like and respect people’s own decisions on that one.  Also, another cool thing about writing blogs, you get numbers.  I love numbers and believe numbers are for sharing, good or bad.  Here are mine as of right now – 51 views, 10 visitors.  Hooray! and hi. 


6 thoughts on “I AM a hypocrite … and GMOs

  1. I don’t know Cookie, maybe? The woman said some organization had to classify McDonald potato’s as a pesticide. I think that is going too far (ok, definitely going to far having Googled), but McDonald’s is definitely not the place to frequent if you are trying to avoid GMOs. Which I would like to do, if given the choice.

    Also, hi bolithio!

    Cookie, I tried to look it up and couldn’t find any easy reference to what she was talking about. The closest I could find was this*. I don’t have the time now to read the whole thing, but I think it is addressing the difficult balance people should understand with GMOs – which stands for genetically modified organisms. The fear with GMOs of course is that humans are playing with the genetics of crops. Something we have been doing for eons by choosing the offspring of domesticated plants and animals, but this is done in the lab and without the real world experience. Of course doing this in the lab is not the same thing and I do think skepticism of GMOs is warranted. HOWEVER, like that article I think argues, the environmental arguments aren’t always straight forward. If McDonald’s does buy only non-GMO potatoes, that will probably mean more pesticides, at least in the short term. In short… it’s complicated and like this GPU deal, you should always wonder about ulterior motives. (Sustainblog seems legit(ish))

    However, the best answer that is not complicated is to eat non-GMO fresh vegies and food grown organically if you can afford the time and money. I didn’t today, or yesterday, or…. Hypocrite!


  2. IMO, GMOs are the least thing you need to be concerned about with MC’yDees. Their source for beef is a major concern to me as it encourages the conversion of vital forests in central/south America. Shopping their also enables their poor compensation for their workers – many of which are on strike today…

  3. Cookie says:

    We don’t eat at McDonalds. Your thoughts on cattle grazing in and the conversion of forests to grazing land is spot on, Bolithio. I agree with you. On GMO’s though, I think it is taking agriculture away from it’s roots, and in the wrong direction. I won’t eat them, and believe they should be labeled. Let those who want to know, know. I think that there is something so wrong with shooting genes from one species into another species. Like cow hormones into fish or tomatoes, this is not natural.

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