This is the first iteration of the democraticHumboldt sites I hope to start to use.  I’ve never been a Twitter or Facebook person.  Maybe it’s my age, and I see the value in both Twitter and Facebook, but I’m stuck on blogs.  What I like about them is a) they have more characters than twitter, and b) Facebook seems much more focused on photos and daily updates.  I’m interested in that space in the internet between the individual and the news.  Where we the people have access to broadcast our thoughts on news, policy and politics, and maybe even generate some stories of our own.

So I see this space as less of a bar and more of a public park, or sometimes even Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner (but definitely without the apocalyptic messages) (except maybe in the comment zone – but that is on you).

Hi Humboldt,


4 thoughts on “First!

  1. Thanks Mitch. Awfully cool that you are the first commenter. Auspicious beginning I hope. I’m hoping I can be another progressive punching bag on the HumCo left. Hopefully reduce some of the hate you have absorbed for so long so you can focus more on issues too. Huzzah!

  2. Cookie says:

    Hi DJon: I have never made a comment on another blog besides SoHum Parlance. This is a new and scary and exciting adventure. I love that you have a count down to the BOS GPU Guiding Principles meeting. Maybe Eric will put you on his blog list!

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